The Last Traitor of Long Island: A Story of the Sea

Front Cover
White, 1904 - 341 pages

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Page 39 - And reach'd the ship and caught the rope, And whistled to the morning star. And while he whistled long and loud He heard a fierce mermaiden cry, 'O boy, tho' thou art young and proud, I see the place where thou wilt lie.
Page 144 - Of scornful lips, whose mocking sneers For ever hiss within mine ears To break the sleep of pain. I can but own my life is vain, A desert void of peace. I missed the goal I sought to gain ; I missed the measure of the strain That lulls Fame's fever in the brain, And bids earth's tumult cease. Myself ! alas for theme so poor — A theme but rich in fear ! I stand a wreck on Error's shore — A spectre not within the door — A houseless shadow evermore — An exile lingering here ! ANSWER ME.
Page 73 - BEAD. 1822. ["Poems." 1853.] A GLIMPSE OF LOvE. SHE came as comes the summer wind, A gust of beauty to my heart ; Then swept away, but left behind Emotions which shall not depart. Unheralded she came and went. Like music in the silent night ; Which, when the burthened air is spent Bequeaths to memory its delight.
Page 167 - ... expected. A prize crew and an officer was then sent on board of each ship to take charge of it, as it was not intended to destroy them for a day or two, or at least until we had secured such stores from them as we required. The names of the vessels captured off Ascension Island were as follows : the Edward Gary of San Francisco, the Hector of New Bedford, the Pearl of New London, and the Harvest that tried to hail from the port of Honolulu, but having no bill of transfer she was condemned with...
Page 66 - Oh, my Lisette's fair form could I recall With fairy wand! There she would blind the window with her shawl, Bashful, yet fond! What though from whom she got her dress I've since Learned but too well ? Still, in those days I envied not a prince, In attic cell.
Page 117 - Huntington in 1653 was six coats, six bottles, six hatchets, six shovels, ten knives, six fathoms of wampum, thirty...
Page 95 - Ma' half decent, and there's as good fish in the sea as ever was caught. Don't forget, my boy, there's some awful pretty girls growin
Page 166 - He then, after musing a tew moments, left them and whispered a few words to the officer of the deck. The latter nodded intelligence, and immediately gave an order which required those of the crew hovering about to go forward to aid in its execution. The lieutenant then returning said, " Young lady, may I speak a few words with you?
Page 198 - Haul it down yourself ! G— dd — n you ! If you think it is good for your constitution!

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