The life & experiences of Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe ...

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Macmillan and co., limited, 1906 - 420 pages
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p. 44 Heidelberg Life 1850's from the view point of an Englishman;

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Page 328 - There is no greater charm," says Pasteur himself, " for the investigator than to make new discoveries, but his pleasure is more than doubled when he sees that they find direct application in practical life." To make discoveries capable of such an application has been the good fortune — by which I mean the just reward — of Pasteur. How he made them is the lesson which I desire this evening to teach.
Page 290 - That after a lapse of two years the metrical system be rendered compulsory by act of Parliament. (c) That the metrical system of weights and measures be taught in all public elementary schools as a necessary and integral part of arithmetic, and that decimals be introduced at an earlier period of the school curriculum than is the case at present.
Page 217 - ... the progress of foreign countries, and keen as is their rivalry with us in many important branches, we have no hesitation in stating our conviction, which we believe to be shared by Continental manufacturers themselves, that, taking the state of the arts of construction and the staple manufactures as a whole, our people still maintain their position at the head of the industrial world.
Page 234 - ... of one whose name is uttered with respect wherever science is cultivated, who is here tonight to enjoy the honours due to a long career of persevering devotion to knowledge, and to receive, if he will condescend to do so, from myself the expression of my own deep personal regret that increase of years, which to him, up to this hour, has been but increase of wisdom, should have rendered him, in respect of mere bodily strength, unable to fill on this occasion an office which, in his case, would...
Page 217 - ... people still maintain their position at the head of the industrial world. Not only has nearly every important machine and process employed in manufactures been either invented or perfected in this country in the past, but it is not too much to say, that most of the prominent new industrial departures of modern times are due to the inventive power and practical skill of our countrymen.
Page 217 - In those textile manufactures in which other nations have hitherto excelled us, as in soft all-wool goods, we are gaining ground. We saw at Bradford merinos manufactured and finished in this country which would bear comparison in texture and in...
Page 237 - If God should hold in His right hand all truth, and in His left hand the ever-active...
Page 405 - I have succeeded better than many who surround me, in the different walks of life, it has been chiefly, nay, I may say almost solely, from unwearied assiduity. It is not so much from any superior genius that one man possesses over another, but more from attention to study and perseverance in the objects before them, that some men rise to greater eminence than others.
Page 273 - You will recollect that when the ancient Hebrew prophet prayed in his captivity, he prayed with his window open towards Jerusalem. You know that the followers of Mohammed, when they pray, turn their faces towards Mecca. When the Irish peasant asks for food and freedom and blessing, his eye follows the setting sun, the aspirations of his heart reach beyond the wide Atlantic, and in spirit he grasps hands with the great Republic of the West.
Page 39 - ... contrary ever become more devoted to my favourite subjects of study. Perhaps you think I am too varied and desultory in my employments, which is partly true, but you know I am yet in a transition state. I told you, long since, that I intended exchanging the physical for the moral and logical sciences, in which my forte will really be found to lie. I like and respect most of the physical sciences well enough, but they never really had my affections. I should be glad, indeed, to follow out my subject...

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