Henry VI, Part One, Partie 1

Oxford University Press, 2003 - 256 pages
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1 Henry VI was the Rose's great draw in the Spring of 1592, and is a dramatic tale of the lives of soldiers, diplomats, kings, and insurrectionists; the fractious instability of the court and nobility of fifteenth-century England, and their squabbles with their French counterparts. Despite its debut performance in 1592, however, 1 Henry VI does not take a printed form until its appearance some thirty years later in the 1623 folio. There are many questions, therefore, surrounding exactlyhow many people wrote the play, when they did so, how it was performed, who played what part, and what was the nature of the manuscript behind the first performance. In his wide-ranging introduction, Michael Taylor offers answers to these questions, and discusses other key issues such as language, structure, performance history, and the role of women in the play.

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Michael Taylor is a former Professor of English, University of New Brunswick.

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