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Page 26 - ... portions jointly support the weight. The cord which supports the next pulley is stretched with a force half of this, or a quarter of the weight; and the next cord with a force half of this, or an eighth of the weight; but this cord is directly attached to the power. Thus the power is an eighth of the weight, or the mechanical advantage is 8. If the weight and the block1 to which it is attached rise 1 inch, the next block rises 2 inches, the next 4, and the power moves through 8 inches. Thus,...
Page 69 - The height of the mercury in the tube above that in the cistern measures the difference between the pressure in the receiver and that in the external air.
Page 317 - We know no dictionary so suited for school use as this ; it supplies a want which teachers have long felt." — British Quarterly Review. ' ' The etymological part of the work is well done, indicating a familiarity with the languages from which our vocabulary is derived, and at the same time sound discretion in tracing the origin of words.
Page 316 - The Comprehensive English Dictionary, Explanatory, Pronouncing, and Etymological. Containing all English words in present use, numerous Phrases, many Foreign words used by English Writers, and the more important Technical and Scientific Terms. By JOHN OGILVIE, LL.D.
Page 206 - Polarization by Reflection. — Transmission through tourmaline is only one of several ways in which light can be polarized. When a beam of light is reflected from a polished surface of glass, wood, ivory, leather, or any other non-metallic substance, at an angle of from 50 to 60 with the normal, it is more or less polarized, and in like manner a reflector composed of any of these substances may be employed as an analyser. In so using it, it should be rotated about an axis parallel to the incident...
Page 315 - Quarterly Journal of Science. " We have no work in our own scientific literature to be compared with it, and we are glad that the translation has fallen into such good hands as those of Professor Everett. ... It will form an admirable text-book.
Page 315 - DESCHANEL'S NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. An Elementary Treatise. By Professor A. Privat Deschanel, of Paris. Translated and edited by Professor JD Everett, DCL, FRS Medium 8vo, cloth, 18s.
Page 316 - THE STUDENT'S ENGLISH DICTIONARY ETYMOLOGICAL, PRONOUNCING, AND EXPLANATORY, in which the Words are traced to their ultimate Sources, the Boot or Primary Meaning inserted, and the other Meanings given fully, according to the best Usage. For the Use of Colleges and Advanced Schools. By JOHN OGILVIE, LL.D.
Page 316 - The Imperial Dictionary ; English, Technological, and Scientific; adapted to the present state of Literature, Science, and Art ; on the basis of Webster's English Dictionary...
Page 142 - The angle which the incident ray makes with the normal at the point of incidence is called the angle of incidence, and the plane of this angle is the plane of incidence.

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