Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, Volume 7

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Kommissionsverlag F. Steiner, 1853 - Asia
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Page 631 - AND EACH VERSE FOUR LINES. ON THE WORSHIP OF GOD. Let the true Spirit, the great God, Be honoured and adored by all nations ; Let all the inhabitants of the world Unite in his worship, morning and evening. Above and below, look where you may, All things are imbued with the Divine favour. At the beginning, in six days, All things were created, perfect and complete. Whether circumcised or uncircumcised, Who is not produced by God ? Reverently...
Page 271 - Of the real, and not merely apparent or illusory distinctness of God from all other spirits, and from matter ; and of the creation (in the proper sense) of all other spirits, and of matter, by God, in opposition to the Vedanta. " Second. — Of the non-eternity of separate souls, and their creation by God, in opposition to the Nyaya and Sankhya.
Page 630 - May lead to a discrepancy of 1,000 le. Be careful about little things, And watch the minute springs of action ; The great God Is not to be deceived. Little children, Arouse your energies, The laws of high Heaven Admit not of infraction. Upon the good blessings descend, And miseries on the wicked ; Those who obey Heaven are preserved, And those who disobey perish.
Page 284 - Det norske sprogs vaesentligste ordforraad, sammenlignet med Sanskrit og andre sprog af samme aet. Bidrag til en norsk etymologisk ordbog af Christopher Andreas Holmboe . . . Udg.
Page 627 - And thus saved their lives. The pursuers attempting to cross, Their wheels were taken off ; When the waters closed upon them, And they were all drowned. The great God Displayed His power, And the people of Israel Were all preserved. When they came to the desert, They had nothing to eat, But the great God Bade them not be afraid. He sent down manna, For each man a pint ; It was as sweet as honey, And satisfied their appetites. The people lusted much, And wished to eat flesh. When quails were sent,...
Page 461 - Webb (Allan), The Historical Relations of Ancient Hindu with Greek Medicine in connection with the Study of Modern Medical Science in India.
Page 636 - When you have money, you must make it public and not consider it as belonging to one or another. You must with united heart and strength together conquer the hills and rivers. You should find out the way to heaven, and walk in it ; although at present the work be toilsome and distressing, yet by and by you will be promoted to high offices.
Page 433 - Uebrigens hat Lepsius das Unstichhaltige seines Standpunktes etwas später 9) selbst eingeräumt, indem er p. 222 schreibt : „Wenn nun die früher von mir vermuthungsweise und mit Vorbehalt aufgestellte Reihe der Epochenjahre wegfällt, so gehen freilich auch die...
Page 626 - Removed into Egypt ; Where God favoured them, And their posterity increased . Then a king arose, Into whose heart the devil entered ; He envied their prosperity, And inflicted pain and misery. Ordering the daughters to be preserved, But not allowing the sons to live ; Their bondage was severe, And very difficult to bear. The great God Viewed them with pity, And commanded Moses To return to his family.
Page 580 - Compositis bestehen: kurz diese Prosa ist ein wahrer indischer Wald, wo' man vor lauter Schlinggewächsen nicht fortkommt, sich den Weg erst mit aller Anstrengung durchhauen mufs und überdem noch häufig von heimtückischen wilden Thieren, in Gestalt von Wörtern, die man nicht versteht, in Schrecken gesetzt wird.

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