The Companions of Pickle Being a Sequel to 'Pickle the Spy'

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Page 8 - Atterbury in a great heat (for he did not value swearing), 'you very well know that things have not been concerted enough for that yet, and that we have not a moment to lose.
Page 282 - The Poverty of the Tenants has rendered it Customary for the Chief, or Laird, to free some of them, every Year, from all Arrears of Rent ; this is supposed, upon an Average to be about one Year in five of the whole Estate.
Page 257 - ... under various conditions: sometimes they differ from the tenants in little else than the diminutive scale of their possessions; but in general they have a greater or less amount of labour to perform as a part of their rent. Frequently they are absolute servants to their immediate superior, having the command only of a small share of their own time to cultivate the land allowed them for maintaining their families. Sometimes the tacksman allows a portion of his own tillage field for his cotter;...
Page 267 - Accommodation for travellers, excepting a few that have been built on the King's Roads made by Marshall Wade. Of this large tract of land, no part is in any degree cultivated, except some spots here and there in Straths or Glens, by the sides of Rivers, brooks, or lakes, and on the Sea Coast and Western Islands. The Grounds that are cultivated yield small quantities of mean Corns, not sufficient to feed the Inhabitants, who depend for their nourishment on milk, butter, cheese, &c. the product of...
Page 263 - THE gentry may be said to be a handsome people, but the commonalty much otherwise; one would hardly think, by their faces, they were of the same species, at least of the same country, which plainly proceeds from their bad food...
Page 284 - M. will approve of the resolution I have taken to share in the fate of the people I have undone, and, if they must be sacrificed, to fall along with them. It is the only way I can free myself from the reproach of their blood, and shew the disinterested zeal with which I have lived and shall dye.
Page 81 - Secretary, but the Secretary had got the start of him, and was determined to stick at nothing to maintain his ground ; he began by representing Lord George as a traitor to the Prince ; he assured him that he had joined on purpose to have an opportunity of delivering him up to the Government. It was hardly possible to guard against this imposture. The Prince had the highest opinion of his Secretary's integrity, and knew little of Lord George Murray. So the calumny had its full effect. Lord George...
Page 91 - When life and riches proffered to his view, Before his eyes the strong temptation threw, Rather than "quit integrity of heart, Or act, like you, the unmanly traitor's part, Disdains the purchase of a worthless life, And bares his bosom to the butch'ring knife, Each mean compliance gallantly denies, And in mute honesty is brave, and dies. While you...

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