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Universalist Pubishing House, 1889 - Bible - 90 pages
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Page 21 - THE DOCTRINE OF SACRED SCRIPTURE: A Critical, Historical, and Dogmatic Inquiry into the Origin and Nature of the Old and New Testaments.
Page 45 - I care very much about popular odium, so that there is no great merit in saying that if I really saw fit to deny the existence of a God I should certainly do so, for the sake of my own intellectual freedom, and be the honest Atheist you are pleased to say I am. As it happens, however, I cannot take this position with honesty, inasmuch as it is, and always has been, a favourite tenet of mine, that Atheism is as absurd, logically speaking, as Polytheism.
Page 40 - ... in the idea of which the very essence of the religious problem lies, and without reference to which the order of nature can tell us of nothing but itself; for God is not there. Nature therefore can never swallow up the supernatural, any more than time can swallow up eternity : they subsist and are intelligible only together ; and nothing can be more mistaken than to treat them...
Page 17 - ... has nevertheless taken the liberty to remark upon the words of Paul in Acts xxvi. 6 : " He speaks humanly, and does not throughout enjoy grace, but it is permitted him even to intermix his own materials." { We see, then, that even amongst the ancient Church Fathers, although they had a general impression of the divinely inspired character of Scripture, the opinion that its language was human and imperfect was held to be unmistakable...
Page 67 - What doth the Lord require of thee, 0 man, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God...
Page 72 - These were mighty souls, luminous and instinct with truth, so that their touch gave light and life to other souls. They have ruled the world from invisible thrones, because at bottom it is a spiritual world, and they were spiritual sovereigns.
Page 49 - If miracles were, in the estimate of a former age, among the chief supports of Christianity, 1 President Hopkins. 2 Baden Powell. 4 they are at present among the main difficulties and hindrances to its acceptance.
Page 43 - ... of both the Old and the New Testaments, we find that it includes three elements. It is implied, in the first place, that...

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