Transactions of The Pathological Society of London.Volume Sixth 1854-55

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Page xi - Physician to the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest at Brompton, Assistant Physician to the Middlesex Hospital. ON CONSUMPTION AND ON CERTAIN DISEASES OF THE LUNGS AND PLEURA. Being a Second Edition revised and extended of " The Varieties of Pulmonary Consumption.
Page viii - MD Physician to the City of London Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, and to the West London Hospital, &c, NOTES ON ASTHMA.
Page 327 - At first small gray specks or elevated gray spots (glanders-nodules), varying in size from that of a pin's head to that of a pea, make their appearance (Fig.
Page viii - Syphilis. By Jonathan Hutchinson, FRS, FRCS, Consulting Surgeon to the London Hospital and to the Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital. With 8 Chromo Plates.
Page x - Assistant Physician to the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, Brompton ; Lecturer on Materia Medica at the Charing Cross School of Medicine and Assistant Physician to the Hospital Sm.
Page 300 - That the disease commences most frequently upon the free surface ; but it may proceed from the bone to affect the attached surface, or it may take place in the middle of the thickness of the cartilage. 6th. That it is, at least, very doubtful if the symptoms which are believed to indicate the existence of ulceration of articular cartilages, are not really dependent on a morbid change in the bone.
Page 299 - That during the progress of these changes, the cells of the cartilage become enlarged, rounded, and filled with corpuscles, in lieu of healthy cells ; bursting subsequently, and discharging their contents into the texture on the surface ; whilst the hyaline substance splits into bands and fibres, the changed hyaline substance and the discharged corpuscles of the cells, afterwards forming, in many cases, a fibro-nucleated membrane...
Page 363 - In every experiment one finds cause for admiration at the manner in which a single well-designed and cord-like bond of union is thus gradually formed, where at first there had been a uniform and seemingly purposeless infiltration of the whole space left by the retraction of the tendon.
Page vii - Walton, Henry Haynes, Esq. (C.), Surgeon to the Central London Ophthalmic Hospital, and Assistant Surgeon to St. Mary's Hospital, 69, Brook-street.
Page 316 - That the tumour consisted essentially of a morbid alteration of the structures concerned in the formation of the hair, especially of the cells at the deepest part of the follicle, and of the follicle itself. 3. That the subcutaneous areolar tissue was considerably hypertrophied ; both its white and yellow elements being coarser and more abundant than in health. "Trans. Path. Soc., 1855,

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