Bessie at School

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Robert Carter and Brothers, 1869 - Awards - 357 pages

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Page 300 - The aim of this series of volumes is so to set forth the Bible incidents and course of history, with its train of actors, as to see them in the circumstances and colouring, the light and shade of their actual existence." 1. WALKS FROM EDEN: The Scripture Story from the Creation to the Death of Abraham. 2. THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL: The Scripture Story from the Birth of Isaac to the Death of Jacob. 3. THE STAR OUT OF JACOB: The Scripture Story Illustrating the Earlier Portion of the Gospel Narrative.
Page 301 - BALLANTYNE'S MISCELLANY OF ENTERTAINING AND INSTRUCTIVE TALES. 16mo, Illustrations, each Is., cloth. Or, in sets, with handsome cloth box, price 15s. 1. FIGHTING THE WHALES; or, Doings and Dangers on a Fishing Cruise. 2. AWAY IN THE WILDERNESS; or, Life among the Red Indians and Fur Traders of North America. 3. FAST IN THE ICE ; or, Adventures in the Polar Regions. 4. CHASING THE SUN ; or, Rambles in Norway.
Page 298 - CAPTAIN'S STORY; or, The Disobedient Son. By WS MARTIN. 6. THE LITTLE PEATCUTTERS ; or, The Song of Love. By EMMA MARSHALL. 7. LITTLE CROWNS, AND HOW TO WIN THEM. By the Rev. JA COLLIER. 8. CHINA AND ITS PEOPLE. By a MISSIONARY'S WIFE. 9. TEDDY'S DREAM ; or, A Little Sweep's Mission. 10. ELDER PARK; or, Scenes in our Garden. By Mrs. ALFRED PAYNE, Author of
Page 296 - THE SAFE COMPASS, AND HOW IT POINTS. By Rev. R. NEWTON. DD 15. THE KING'S HIGHWAY; or, Illustrations of the Commandments. By the same. 1 6. BESSIE AT THE SEASIDE. By JOANNA H. MATTHEWS. 17. CASPER. By the Authors of "The Wide Wide World,
Page 297 - XIX. Mr. Rutherford's Children. By the same. XX. Sybil and Chryssa. By the same. XXI. Hard Maple. By the same. XXII. Our School Days. Edited by CSH XXIII. Aunt Mildred's Legacy. By the Author of "The Best Cheer,
Page 299 - THE GOLDEN LADDER SERIES. Uniform in size and binding, with eight coloured Illustrations. Crown 8vo, each 3s. 6d., cloth. 1. THE GOLDEN LADDER: Stories Illustrative of the Eight Beatitudes. By ELIZABETH WLTHERALL and ANNA LOTHROP. 2. THE WIDE WIDE WORLD.
Page 300 - Narrative. THE CABINET SERIES. i6mo. Illustrations, each 2s. 6d , cloth. I. Courage and Cowards ; Or, Who was the Bravest f By the Author of "The Maiden of the Iceberg.
Page 60 - But evil is wrought by want of Thought, As well as by want of Heart.
Page 293 - THE EIGHTEENPENNY JUVENILE SERIES. Uniform in size and binding, i6mo, with Illustrations, each is. 6d. cloth. 1. AUNT EDITH ; or, Love to God the Best Motive. 2. SUSY'S SACRIFICE. By ALICE GRAY. 3. KENNETH FORBES ; or, Fourteen Ways of Studying the Bible. 4. LILIES OF THE VALLEY, and other Tales. 5. CLARA STANLEY ; or, a Summer among the Hills. 6.
Page 299 - The Three Little Spades. By the Same. - viii. * Nettie's Mission. Stories Illustrative of the Lord's Prayer. By ALICE GRAY, Author of

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