Poems, Supposed to Have Been Written at Bristol,

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T. Payne and Son, 1777 - 307 pages
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Page 137 - Whyterre yanne the mornynge skie, Whyterre yanne the evenynge cloude; Mie love ys dedde, Gon to hys deathe-bedde, Al under the wyllowe tree.
Page 208 - Faste reyneynge oer the plaine a prieste was seen ; Ne dighte full proude, ne buttoned up in golde; His cope and jape were graie, and eke were clene; A Limitoure he was of order scene ; And from the pathwaie side then turned hee. Where the pore aimer laie binethe the holmen tree. An almes, sir priest!
Page 56 - I goe to lyfe, and nott to dethe ; Truste thou ynne Godde above, And teache thye sonnes to feare the Lorde, And ynne theyre hertes hym love : ' Teache them to runne the nobile race Thatt I theyre fader runne : Florence ! shou'd dethe thee take — adieu...
Page 207 - An almes, sir prieste; the droppynge pilgrim saide, O ! let me waite within your covente dore, Till the sunne sheneth hie above our heade, And the loude tempeste of the aire is oer; 60 Helpless and ould am I alas ! and poor; No house, ne friend, ne moneie in my pouche; All yatte I call my owne is this my silver crouche. Varlet, replyd the Abbatte, cease your dinne; This is no season almes and prayers to give; 65 Mie porter never lets a faitour in; None touch mie rynge who not in honour live.
Page 55 - And just before the officers, His lovynge wyfe came ynne, Weepynge unfeigned teeres of woe, Wythe loude and dysmalle dynne.
Page 63 - The bloudie axe hys bodie fayre Ynnto foure parties cutte; And ev'rye parte, and eke hys hedde, Uponne a pole was putte. One parte dydd rotte onne Kynwulph-hylle, One onne the mynster-tower, And one from off the castle-gate The crowen...
Page 46 - And felle down onne hys knee; "I'm come," quod hee, "unto your grace "To move your clemencye." Thenne quod the kynge, "Youre tale speke out, "You have been much oure friende; "Whatever youre request may bee, "Wee wylle to ytte attende.
Page x - But all thefe exertions of his genius brought in fo little profit, that he was foon reduced to real indigence ; from which he was relieved by death (in what manner is not certainly known), on the 14111 of Auguft, o^ thereabout, when he wanted near three months to complete his eighteenth year. The floor of his chamber was covered with written papers, which he had torn into fmall pieces ; but there was.
Page vii - Back, where nothing more was taught than reading, writing, and accounts. At the age of fourteen, he was articled clerk to an attorney, with whom he continued till he left Briftol in April 1770.
Page viii - In the Town and Country Magazine for March 1769, are two letters, probably, from him, as they are dated at Briftol, and fubfcrlbed with his ufual iignature, DB The firft contains fhort extracts from two MSS., " written three hundred years age by one Rowley, a Monk" concerning drefs in the age of Henry II.

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