The Life of Ferdinand Magellan, and the First Circumnavigation of the Globe: 1480-1521

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G. Philip & son, 1890 - Voyages around the world - 353 pages
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Page 256 - the Indians threw themselves upon him with iron-pointed bamboo spears and scimitars, and every weapon they had, and ran him through — our mirror, our light, our comforter, our true guide — until they killed him.
Page 193 - In the yeere 1428 it is written that Don Peter, the King of Portugals eldest sonne, was a great traveller. He went into England, France, Almaine, and from thence into the Holy Land, and to other places ; and came home by Italie, taking Rome and Venice in his way: from whence he brought a map of the world, which had all the parts of the world and earth described. The Streight of Magelan was called in it The Dragons taile: The Cape of Bona Speran9a.
Page 376 - Is never lost sight of. In a few cases in which the work of discovery cannot be possibly associated with the name of any single explorer, some departure from this plan may be unavoidable, but it will be followed as far as practicable. In each case the exact relation of the work accomplished by each explorer to what went before and what followed after, will be pointed out ; so that each volume will be virtually an account of the exploration of the region with which it deals. Though it will not be...
Page 375 - SON are issuing a series of volumes dealing with the life and work of those heroic adventurers through whose exertions the face of the earth has been made known to humanity. Each volume will, so far as the ground covered admits, deal mainly with one prominent name associated with some particular region, and will tell the story of his life and adventures, and describe the work which he accomplished in the service of geographical discovery. The aim will be to do ample justice to geographical results,...
Page 377 - Half-bound polished morocco, marbled edges .... 7/6 1. JOHN DAVIS, Arctic Explorer and Early India Navigator. By CLEMENTS R. MARKHAM, CB, FRS Crown 8vo. With 24 Illustrations and 4 Coloured Maps. [Second Edition.] "If the succeeding volumes attain the high standard of excellence of this 'Life of John Davis,' the Series will, when complete, form a biographical history of geographical discovery of the utmost value and interest.
Page 300 - Maria de Antigua. Then, leaving Seville, I went to Valladolid, where I presented to his Sacred Majesty Don Carlos, neither gold nor silver, but things much more precious in the eyes of so great a Sovereign. I presented to him among other things, a book written by my hand of all the things that had occurred day by day in our voyage.
Page 324 - I also desire that upon the said day of my burial food may be given to the said three paupers, and to twelve others, that they may pray to God for my soul...
Page 208 - ... interested in his imperishable deed than in his mortal life. One who wishes to act heroically, must act unreasonably. The leader again took up his parable. No doubt they were faced with difficulties; they would probably suffer hunger and other hardships; but (and here he was strangely prophetic) "even if they had to eat the leather on the ships' yards, he would still go on, to discover what he had promised to the Emperor, and he trusted that God would aid them and give them good fortune...
Page 225 - ... board. They had little food left. " We ate biscuit, but in truth it was biscuit no longer, but a powder full of worms. So great was the want of food that we were forced to eat the hides with which the main yard was covered to prevent the chafing against the rigging.
Page 315 - Alexandro , e de Trajano A fama das victorias que tiveram : Que eu canto o peito illustre Lusitano, A quem Neptuno , e Marte obedeceram : Cesse tudo o que a Musa antigua canta ; Que outro valor mais alto se alevanta.

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