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This book provides some learnings about Google as a company
a) Google search model, which made use of no sales representatives
b) Business model involving AdWords, AdSense
c) Business catering to
the long tail and hence a huge mass of enterprise.
Interesting was the mention about Google IPO being Dutch style
The interview style, Working in small teams, flat structure is somethings present in other companies also and not really unique to Google.
Regarding having 3 people at the top can be boon as well as bane. As long as things get done, it will be considered wonderful. But what if each one starts seeing things in 3 different directions? That might spell trouble for Google.
The concept of 20% free time to projects is good, providing employees room to try new things. That clubbed with review by peers serves as a very way to contribute, impress and grow.
The book is probably old and does not cover the following topics
a) Android
b) Mobile Strategy
c) Threats from Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media.
Overall, the book is fine, but not sensational as the book cover suggests.

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fahad jee

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Broad overview with little practical application. More of a brief description of some of the things that Google does. Girard mentions in the introduction that he will touch on how other companies have adopted these practices but I found that lacking in the book. You could really get everything this book contains from news and magazines articles, or even by googling it. 

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Let me start by saying the title of The Google Way: How One Company Is Revolutionizing Management As We Know It is about all you need to know about this book. Bernard Girard walks you through the front door of Google and around the halls of the mind of Google. Along the way he explains how Google is different, and why what they are doing, even sometimes things completely opposite of the general enterprise think, are working and successfully.
It’s no surprise that Google is different. In a time of search engines and crawlers they came to the race with something new and different, ease and simplicity, and they have kept things that way, all the while expanding and changing as they went. The Google Way looks back at the last 13 years or so, and analyzes the steps Serge Brin, and Larry Page took, compares them to traditional thinking, and explains why it worked.
The Google Way, is 250 pages or pure genius speak. Explanations of quarky behavior, analytical thinking, and sometimes pure luck.
If you are interested in a Google, or have followed their success with glee, as I have, then you will love The Google Way because it give an intimate insite into the inner workings of the Google Campus.
When I say this books covers all things Google, I mean it! Bernard takes you through the hiring and employment of Google employees, adsense and advertising. The search site, and all the other applications and acquisitions. No stone is left unturn. It would be a challenge in it’s own to right a more in depth book about Google and the people who ran the.

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Bought in Palo Alto

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