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In Holit's estimation, she sees that Genesis came to the wrong conclusions! Young Rebekah said she would go and marry Izaak, she crosses from the Tigris-Euphrates to Canaan, marries Izaak, has twins and like all mothers, she decides which son will be blessed inspite of the tradition that the first-born should be; her so-called "deception" allows these twelve tribes of Israel to become a formidable Tribe. If those that follow the bible re-read the words and the deeds, they will see what is plainly printed - that Rebekah is the progenitor and founder of her Hebrew Tribe. The story allows you to enter those days on foot and stay close to a young girl who has made a very large decision on her own, which is unheard of of in her clan. The story is told in first person which allows us a peek into the machinations and goals of those ancient times. 

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