Hot Springs, Bath County, Virginia: With Some Account of Their Medicinal Properties, and an Analysis of the Waters, with Cases of Cure of Gout, Rheumatism, Diseases of the Liver ...

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Gary, Clemmit & Jones, printers, 1869 - Hot Springs (Va.) - 92 pages
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Page 70 - August, 1833. In the month of January, 1806, during my attendance on the Virginia Legislature, of which I was then a member, I was very sorely afflicted with an attack of inflammatory rheumatism ; and about the first of July, in the same year, after the disease had assumed a chronic state, I arrived at the Hot Springs in Virginia, much debilitated, requiring two persons to put me in and take me out of a carriage. I remained at the Springs sixtythree days, using the bath once every day except three....
Page 53 - ... the White Sulphur Springs, and finding that the water disagreed with me, inasmuch as it proved too drastic, I determined to visit the Hot Springs. For the first two weeks of using the bath, I was elated with the hope of speedy recovery. In a few hours after using the bath I had a bilious dejection, which had not occurred for eight months. In four days time, my diarrhoea ceased, and my evacuations became almost healthy in complexion.
Page 24 - We have a great variety of paralytic patients, and upon exactly examining the books from the first opening the hospital to the present time, I find the account to be as follows : — Admitted in nine years, 310. Cured and much better, 208 ; no better and dead, 99 ; remain in the house, 3. From hence it appears that more than twothirds were either cured or received great benefit, and that only 12 died in the space of nine years.
Page 74 - Just to think of it sets me shivering from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.
Page 34 - Haste away, and make the trial by any means. Do not waste your life and your purse in swallowing endless drugs, and ringing the changes of remedies and doctors, pent up in a hot house in London during the summer months; or in being lifted in and out of the carriage, the prey of some chronic and insidious disorder, which baffles your vigilant physician's skill; or in being sent from Brighton to Tunbridge, and from thence to Leamington or Cheltenham, merely to return again to Brighton or London, exactly...
Page 15 - The salutary effects of this experiment were perfectly evident to all those who were present and saw the progress of it, and the advantages I received from it have been permanent. The good state of health which I have since enjoyed I ascribe to it entirely.
Page 5 - About three quarters of a mile from its source, it falls over a rock 200 feet into the valley below. The sheet of water is broken in its breadth by the rock, in two or three places, but not at all in its height. Between the sheet and the rock, at the bottom you may walk across dry. This cataract will bear no comparison with that of Niagara, as to the quantity of water composing it ; the sheet being only 12 or 15 feet wide above, and somewhat more spread below ; but it is half as high again, the latter...
Page 53 - In a few hours after using the bath I had a bilious dejection, which had not occurred for eight months. In four days time my diarrhoea ceased, and my evacuations became almost healthy in complexion. I had been very much annoyed with haemorrhoids for fifteen months, which was relieved by the Spout Bath in three days. The improvement in my complexion was so great, that the visitors would remark, " Why, Doctor, you will soon be well...
Page 23 - ... life, who have been addicted to the pleasures of the table, and marked by more or less protuberance of the abdomen, with diminished muscular and nervous energy, — is one well calculated to be relieved by the use of the Wiesbaden waters internally and externally employed.
Page 35 - Let no physician, however high his claim may be to public confidence and support, but who is not acquainted with the wondrous and striking effects of mineral waters on the human body in a state of suffering, set up...

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