The native races of the Russian empire

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Page v - PHILOSOPHY OF MARRIAGE, in its Social, Moral, and Physical Relations ; with an Account of the Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs, &c.
Page 269 - ... the command of every ten men, and others to command an hundred, a thousand, and ten thousand men, respectively. Thus ten of the officers commanding ten men take their orders from him who commands a hundred; of these, each ten, from him who commands a thousand; and each ten of these latter, from him "who commands ten thousand. By this arrangement each officer has only to attend to the management of ten men or ten bodies of men; and...
Page iv - Six Ethnographical Maps, as a Supplement to the Natural History of Man, and to the Researches into the Physical History of Mankind, folio, coloured, and 1 sheet of letter-press, in cl.
Page iii - Hall (Marshall).— On the Diseases and Derangements of the Nervous System, in their Primary Forms, and in their Modifications by Age, Sex, Constitution, Hereditary Predisposition, Excesses, General Disorder, and Organic Disease. By MARSHALL HALL, MD, FRSL & E.
Page iv - A New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the German Language.
Page 127 - Batou set forwards on this great expedition ; and such was the speed and ardour of his innumerable squadrons, that in less than six years they had measured a line of ninety degrees of longitude, a fourth part of the circumference of the globe.
Page iii - Homceopathia and the Manner of its Practice ; with some of the most important effects of ten of the principal Homoeopathic remedies, for the use of all honest men who desire to convince themselves by experiment, of the truth of the doctrine.
Page iii - Lebaudy. The Anatomy of the Regions interested in the Surgical Operations performed upon the Human Body ; with Occasional Views of the Pathological Condition, which render the interference of the Surgeon necessary. In a Series of 24 plates, the Size of Life. By J. Lebaudy. Folio. London, 1845 140 Lee.
Page 127 - Astracan and Cazan ; and the troops which he detached towards Mount Caucasus, explored the most secret recesses of Georgia and Circassia. The civil discord of the great dukes or princes of Russia betrayed their country to the Tartars. They spread from Livonia to the Black Sea, and both Moscow and Kiow, the modern and the ancient capitals, were reduced to ashes : a temporary ruin, less fatal than the deep and perhaps indelible mark which a servitude of two hundred years has imprinted on the character...
Page 128 - Comans ; and these savage guests were provoked to revolt by the suspicion of treachery and the murder of their prince. The whole country north of the Danube was lost in a day, and depopulated in a summer ; and the ruins of cities and churches were overspread with the bones of the natives, who expiated the sins of their r- Turkish ancestors.

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