The Medical student's manual of chemistry

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W. Wood & Company, 1902 - Chemistry - 678 pages
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Page 28 - The unit of capacity shall be what is known as the international farad, which is the capacity of a condenser charged to a potential of one international volt by one international coulomb of electricity.
Page 19 - Since the specific heat of water is taken as the standard and is one, it may be said that the specific heat of a substance is the amount of heat required to raise or lower the temperature of one pound of the substance one degree Fahrenheit.
Page 631 - GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF PRONUNCIATION. 1. The pronunciation is as much in accord with the analogy of the English language as possible. 2. Derivatives retain as far as possible the accent and pronunciation of the root word. 3. Distinctly chemical compound words retain the accent and pronunciation of each portion. 4. Similarly sounding endings for dissimilar compounds are avoided (hence -Id, -ite). ACCENT. In polysyllabic chemical words the accent...
Page 33 - ... given by Democritus to the ultimate particles of which matter was supposed by him to be composed; but rendered the idea more precise by ascribing to these atoms real magnitude and a definite weight, and by considering elementary substances as made up of atoms of the same kind, and compounds as consisting of atoms of different kinds. This hypothesis, the first step toward the atomic theory as entertained to-day, afforded a clear explanation of the numerical results stated in the three laws. If...
Page 632 - Note in the above list the spelling of the halogens, cesium and sulfur; f is used in the place of ph in all derivatives of sulfur (as, sulfuric, sulfite, sulfo-, etc.). Terminations in -ic.
Page 13 - ... remains the same in each. Thermometers are instruments for the measurement of temperature. They are usually glass tubes having a bulb blown at one end and closed at the other, the bulb and part of the tube being filled with mercury or with alcohol, whose contraction or expansion indicates a fall or rise of temperature. The alcoholic thermometer is used for measuring low temperatures, and the mercurial for temperatures between — 40 and 360 C.
Page 585 - ... and dividing the sum by eight. From the quotient so obtained the specific gravity of the mixture after decomposition is subtracted; every degree of loss in specific gravity indicates 0.7791 gram of urea in 100 cc of urine. The specific gravity determinations must all be made at the same temperature; and that of the mixture only when the evolution of gas has ceased entirely.
Page 492 - The symptoms usually manifest themselves within a few minutes; sometimes are delayed for an hour. There is numbness and tingling, first of the mouth and fauces, later becoming general. There is a sense of dryness and of constriction in the throat. Persistent vomiting usually occurs, but is absent in some cases. There is diminished sensibility, with numbness, great muscular feebleness, giddiness, loss of speech, irregularity and failure of the heart's action. Death may result from shock if a large...
Page 491 - ... in maintaining the respiration. In the first or second stage the "ambulatory treatment" should be adopted to prevent, if possible, the establishment of the third stage. If this stage develop, the main reliance is to be placed in maintaining the respiration by artificial methods, until the poison has been eliminated.
Page 634 - secondary accent. NB The accent follows the vowel of the syllable upon which the stress falls, but does not indicate the division of the word into syllables.

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