Elements of Siamese Grammar with Appendices

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American Presbyterian mission Press, 1900 - Thai language - 142 pages

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Page 124 - The nobles fkMnnaan) in our State are not an hereditary class as in Western countries. The custom regarding them is near to that prevailing in China, where dignity and office are combined. If a person has a dignity, he occupies at the same time an office. If he leaves such office, his dignity ceases, unless the King allow him to keep his dignity on account of services rendered. For that reason most of the nobles remain in the Government service during [their] life time...
Page 117 - Somdetch Phra Paramindr Maha Chulalonkorn Phra Chula Chom Klao King of Siam, both Northern and Southern, and all its dependencies, Laos, Malays, Kareans, &c., to our most illustrious friend General Chester A. Arthur, President of the Republic of the United States of America, greeting: and of terminating questions arising out of the existing treaties and mooted points of mutual rights...
Page vi - Dictionarium linguae thai sive siamensis; interpretatione latina, gallica et anglica illustratum. Parisiis, Jussu imperatoris impressum in typographeo imperatorio, 1854.
Page vii - Dictionarium Latinum Thai ad usum Missionis Siamensis. — Ex typographia Collegii Assumptionis BMV — Bangkok. Anno Domini MDCCCL.
Page vii - ... McFarland. Rev. and enl. by Geo. B. McFarland . . . Bangkok, Printed at the "American Presbyterian mission press," 1900. xx, [2], [323] p. front., illus., plates, fold, map 21'". 4—37071 English and Siamese on opposite pages. Paged in duplicate, except preliminary matter. 878. Michell, Edward Blair. A Siamese-English dictionary, for the use of students in both languages. Bangkok, 1892. xix, [4], 323 p. 22°-. 12—19039 SINHALEN. 879 Clough, B. A Sinhalese- English dictionary.
Page 101 - In the Palace language itself we have to distinguish firstly, between expressions for things adapted principally to the use of the King as distinct from those in common use, secondly the use of distinct words in addressing the King about matters of every day life, and here it is to be noticed that the same expressions are often used in preferene to the more common ones in polite conversation.
Page 6 - Grammar, p. 6) gives a few instances of words of Indian origin in Siamese, showing how they were treated to adapt them to the monosyllabic nature of Siamese and to the dislike of compound consonante.
Page vi - JONES J. TAYLOR : Brief Grammatical Notices of the Siamese Language ; with an appendix, Bangkok (printed at the Mission Press.) 88 pages, 1842.
Page i - Hiersemann, 1900. Dr. FRANKFURTER, a thorough scholar of the Siamese language, claims his grammar to be a first attempt made to explain the character of the Siamese language, and expects that it will be criticised in this way, not wishing his grammar to be considered as a book from which the foreigner coming to Siam shall be enabled to glean the vocabulary and phrases which he has to use in every day life in his household.
Page vi - COMPARATIVE VOCABULARY of the Barma, Maláyu and Thai Languages. Serampore, Printed at the Mission Press, 1810.

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