Charles Vincent: Or, The Two Clerks. A Tale of Commercial Life ...

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Harper & Brothers, 1839
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Page 236 - Latin Grammar, Part I. Containing the most important Parts of the Grammar of the Latin Language, together with appropriate Exercises in the translating and writing of Latin.
Page 169 - Funesta dote d'infiniti guai Che in fronte scritti per gran doglia porte; Deh fossi tu men bella, o almen pił...
Page iii - God, the Maker of all laws, Who hath commanded us we should not kill. And yet we say we must, for Reputation ! What honest man can either fear his own, Or else will hurt another's reputation? Fear to do base unworthy things is valour ; If they be done to us, to suffer them Is valour too.
Page 236 - Commentaries on the Gallic War, and the First Book of the Greek Paraphrase; with English Notes, Critical and Explanatory, Plans of Battles, Sieges, &c., and Historical, Geographical, and Archaeological Indexes.
Page 236 - Sallust's Jugurthine War and Conspiracy of Catiline, with an English Commentary, and Geographical and Historical Indexes. By Charles Anthon, LL.D. Sixth Edition, corrected and enlarged. 12mo. With a Portrait Select Orations of Cicero, with an English Commentary, and Historical, Geographical, and Legal Indexes.
Page 234 - The profound scholar under whose supervision these excellent works are put forth to the world is as well known on the Continent of Europe as he is on our own shores ; and is, perhaps, the only son of America who has ever attained that degree of fame for classical attainments which should constitute him an authority second, if second, only to the great names of English or of German criticism — the Heynes and Bruncks, the Elmsleys and the Persons, and the Bentleys, who have devoted so much time and...
Page 225 - The plan proposed is to give editions of all the authors usually read in our schools and colleges, together with such elementary and subsidiary works as may be needed by the classical student either at the commencement, or at particular stages, of his career. The editions of the Classical authors themselves will be based on the latest and most accurate texts, and will be accompanied by English commentaries, containing everything requisite for accurate preparation on the part of the student and a...
Page 231 - I am highly gratified to notice that you have commenced a series of the classics under the editorial supervision of that accomplished scholar, Professor Anthon of Columbia College. No man in our country is better qualified for this office than Professor Anthon. To show in what estimation he is held in England as a classical scholar, it need only be known that an edition of his
Page 234 - The high character of Professor Anthon's scholarship, and the universal favour with which his books of elementary classics have been received, render any other notice than an announcement of their publication unnecessary. The present volume exhibits the same untiring research, and the same accurate learning which have characterized all his labours." — NY Gazette. " There is a very prevalent and very mistaken idea current, that schoolbooks are, for the most part, mere compilations. Truly good schoolbooks...
Page 234 - Professor Anthon is acknowledged by the best judges, not only in this country, but in Germany and Kngland, to be one of the ripest classical scholars of the age. And this series of books will be used in all our academies and colleges. The editor and the publishers will by this effort do a good service to American as well as ancient literature.

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