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A rich, impassioned vision of the Dominican Republic and its diaspora, filtered through the destiny of a single family.After a noted debut volume of short stories (Drown, 1996), Díaz pens a first novel that bursts alive in an ironic, confiding, exuberant voice. Its wider focus is an indictment of the terrible Trujillo regime and its aftermath, but the approach is oblique, traced backwards via the ... Read full review

Review: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Editorial Review - - Sarah Rachel Egelman

A family curse, a tropical island, a lovestricken underdog, a kind and beautiful woman with a torrid past: it sounds like the setup for a typical romance novel. But while Junot Diaz's longawaited THE BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO is romantic in its own way, this book is anything but typical. There may be a fukú, a curse, on the De Leon family; it sure seems that Oscar de Leon is living under ... Read full review

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I enjoyed this book about a Dominican-American man trying to find his way in New Jersey and Santo Domingo.

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It is literally the best book i've read in a while next to George Orwell's 1984 ,i absolutely love it 'being dominican born in the bronx and all i really related . The book really touched me, parts of the book were so personally in synch with my life that it had me going through all kinds of emotions at once ,besides i learned things about my culture i would never looked into cause i thought i knew it all ,i really appreciated the insights plus who wouldn't appreciate the knowledge of knowing where the word "Palomo" came from since we use it so much lol ,anyways it's a hell of a book i recommend it to all extremely far from one dimensional.  

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Good book but the footnotes and Spanish use was pretty disconcerting.

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I'm probably going to catch a lot of heat for this but I'll keep it short:
Only a Dominican will truly understand this book. Will understand the anguish, the pain, the superstitious elderly family
members, the verbally abusive mothers, and the mysteries this book describes.
With its plethora of Dominican-isms, I truly believe Junot Díaz meant this book to be for the children of the Diaspora.

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I bought this book because it was an "Employee Recommendation" at Bookmans in Mesa, AZ. I enjoyed it, and read it quickly enough, but I was not amazed by it. I like the feeling of the story, but I felt that Oscar was a little too passive, a little too inactive, or reactive, to his fate. It just wasn't that amazing to me. The book is very well written though! 

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3.5 stars. I liked the book enough to finish it, but not enough to dig out a Spanish dictionary to translate every Spanish sentence in there or read the multitude of footnotes. If I were more into Dominican history I would?? The multigenerational perspectives made the book interesting, but at times, it confused the hell out of me because the transition was rather awkward. I like Lola's character the best, but Oscar's character fell flat for me. So he was a loser who wanted to write and finally had sex before he died....not that interesting.
I guess the theme that resonates throughout the book is that love makes people do dumb things and their future, cheerful much?

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a tasty brush up and a bit of fill in the blank with the spansih...fanciful footnotes for the history buff, and enough references to the imaginary worlds of legend to satisfy the super-geek hiding inside me- my first foray into to immigrant dominican republic life and history- i think much differently of this island now 

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This follows the life of Oscar, a Dominican nerd. I love it. Junot Diaz should definitely write more books. In The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, he gave me a little piece of the home (yes, I'm Dominican) that I haven't seen in so long. Props.

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