History of the "Soldiers' Home," Washington, Part 3

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G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1914 - 187 pages

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Page 65 - Hamilton, from the committee on military affairs, made the following report: The committee on military affairs, to whom was referred the...
Page 84 - An act for establishing rules and articles for the government of the armies of the United States,
Page 48 - Resolved, That the Committee on Military Affairs be instructed to inquire into the expediency of providing by law for Snmuel G. Hopkins, late a captain in the Army of the United States, to settle his accounts with the Government upon the principles of equity.
Page 20 - Home since the passage of the act to found the same, March 3, 1851, according to the restrictions and provisions thereof, and who may have been disabled by disease or wounds incurred in the service and in the line of his duty, rendering him incapable of military service. 4. Every pensioner on account of wounds or disability incurred in the military service — though not a contributor to the funds of the Institution — who shall transfer his pension to the Soldier's Home during the period he voluntarily...
Page 77 - Home shall consist of a governor, a deputy governor, and a secretary, for each separate site of the home, the latter to be also the treasurer; and the officers shall be taken from the Army and appointed or removed, from time to time, as the interests of the institution may require, by the Secretary of War, on the recommendation of the board of commissioners.
Page 137 - All public stores taken in the enemy's camp, towns, forts, or magazines, whether of artillery, ammunition, clothing, forage, or provisions, shall be secured for the service of the United States; for the neglect of which the commanding officer is to be answerable.
Page 79 - ... Soldiers' Home shall not be extended to any soldier in the regular or volunteer service, convicted of felony or other disgraceful or infamous crimes of a civil nature after his admission into the service of the United States ; nor shall...
Page 134 - ... (See, in the Adjutant General's office, at Washington, a printed copy of that General Order, No. 287, dated September 17, 1847.) I also copy here, as intimately connected with the same subject, my letter to the Secretary of War, dated at Mexico, February 6, 1848. In that letter, I said : " I have not reported on the subject of secret disbursements since I left Jalapa — 1st, because of the uncertainty of our communications with Vera Cruz ; and, 2d, the necessity of certain explanations, which,...
Page 135 - Number one of the same set of bills is this day transmitted direct to the Bank of America. '"The remainder of the money in my hands, as well as that expended, I shall be ready to account for at the proper time, and in the proper manner (this was done in 1848) merely offering this imperfect report to explain in the meantime the character of the $100,000 draft.
Page 135 - Army Asylum, and make the subject known, in the way you may deem best, to the Military Committees of Congress. That sum is, in small part, the price of the American blood so gallantly shed in this vicinity; and considering that the army receives no prize money, I repeat the hope that its proposed destination may be approved and carried into effect.

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