The Kennebunkport Register, 1904

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H. E. Mitchell Company, 1904 - Kennebunkport (Me.) - 112 pages
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Page 46 - Census will be found the names of non-residents with their present addresses, when such addresses have been given to us. The non-residents are indicated by the (*). Following the names of the population is the occupation. To designate the occupations we have used the more common abbreviations and contractions. Some of these follow: Farmer — far; carpenter — car; railroad service — RR ser; student, a member of an advanced institution of learning — stu; pupil, a member of a lower grade of schools...
Page 105 - Augusta. 1867 Joshua L. Chamberlain, Brunswick. 1871 Sidney Perham, Paris. 1874 Nelson Dingley, Jr., Lewiston. 1876 Selden Connor, Augusta. 1879 Alonzo Garcelon, Lewiston. 1880 Daniel F. Davis, Corinth. 1881 Harris M. Plaisted, Bangor.
Page 45 - Monmouth has been arranged in families where that arrangement has been possible. In these families, in addition to the resident living members, the names of the non-resident members are included. It should be borne in mind that this plan does not include the names of all former residents of this town, as the names of the non-residents appear only when one or both of the parents are still living in the town.
Page 105 - Saco (elected to US Senate). 1843 Edw. Kavanagh, Newcastle, Acting. 1844 Hugh J. Anderson, Belfast. 1847 John W. Dana, Fryeburg. 1850 John Hubbard, Hallowell. 1853 William G. Crosby, Belfast. 1855 Anson P. Morrill, Readfield.
Page 104 - Harrison, Whig— Virginia, 1841 April 4, 1841 John Tyler, Dem.— Virginia, 1841 to 1845, Jan. 17, 1862 James K. Polk, Dem.— N. Carolina, 1845 to 1849, June 15, 1849 Zachary Taylor, Whig— Virginia, 1849 to 1850, July 9, 1850 Millard Fillmore, Whig— New York, 1850 to 1853, Mar. 10, 1874 Franklin Pierce, Dem.— NH, 1853 to 1857, Oct. 8, 1869 James Buchanan, Dem. — Pa., 1857 to 1861, June 1, 1868 Abraham Lincoln, Rep.
Page 106 - December 15, 1887. 1887 SS Marble, Waldoboro, Acting. 1889 Edwin C. Burleigh, Bangor. 1893 Henry B. Cleaves, Portland. 1897 Llewellyn Powers, Houlton. 1901 John Fremont Hill, Augusta.
Page 108 - Augusta, Clerk to State Assessors, 1,000 Leonard D. Carver, Augusta, State Librarian, 1,000 Ernest W. Emery, Augusta, Assistant Librarian. Mary L. Carver, Augusta, Cataloguer. Edw. Wiggin, Presque Isle, Clerk to Supt. Pub. Schools, 1,000 Chas. B. Caldwell, Augusta, Treasurer's Clerk, 1,500 Melvin W. Wiswell, Brewer, Treasurer's Clerk, 1,000 Daniel W. Emery, Augusta, Treasurer's Clerk, 1,000 Thomas Clark, Tremont, Clerk to Adjt. General, 1,000 Charles E. Davis, Portland, Clerk to Adj. General. LT...
Page 8 - There dwelt near the river Saco, a sachem, whose squaw in passing along the river in a canoe, with her infant child, was met by some rude sailors, who, having heard that the Indian children could swim as naturally as the young of the brutal kind, in a thoughtless and unguarded humor, overset the canoe. The child sunk, and the mother instantly diving, fetched it up alive.
Page 17 - Eastward of that, where there is a Town by the Sea side of the same name, the houses scatteringly built, all these Towns have store of salt and fresh marsh with arable land, and are well stockt with Cattle.
Page 104 - Chester A. Arthur, Rep.— Vermont, 1881 to 1885, Nov. 18, 1886 Benjamin Harrison, Rep. — Ohio, 1889 to 1893, Mar. 13, 1900 Grover Cleveland, Dem. — N. Jersey, 1893 to 1897. William McKinley, Rep. — Ohio, 1897 to 1901, Sept. 13, 1901 Theodore Roosevelt, Rep. — N. York, 1901. GOVERNORS OF MAINE. 1820 William King, Bath. 1821 William D. Williamson, Bangor, Acting. 1821 Benjamin Ames, Bath, Acting. 1822 Albion K. Parris, Paris. 1827 Enoch Lincoln, Portland, (d). 1829 Nathan Cutler, Farmington,...

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