Canoe and Camp Cookery: A Practical Cook Book for Canoeists, Corinthian Sailors and Outers

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Forest and stream publishing Company, 1885 - Camping - 96 pages
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Page 71 - The eatable mushrooms first appear very small, and of a round form, on a little stalk. They grow very fast, and the upper part and stalk are white. As the size increases, the under part gradually opens, and shows a fringed fur of a very fine salmon-colour ; which continues more or less till the mushroom has gained some size, and then turns to a dark brown.
Page 53 - ... heat gradually and boil for thirty minutes ; remove the scum as it rises. Turn off the water and replenish with six quarts of fresh boiling water. Cover again and boil gently for one and a half hours, stirring the beans frequently; then put in the sliced pork. As soon as the beans become tender and crack, take out the pork and mash the beans into a paste. Remove the skins of the beans, replace the pork into the kettle and complete the boiling. This soup is much richer when a half pound of lean...
Page 78 - Cut some slices, not quite so large as the bread, from a good, rich, fat cheese ; lay them on the toasted bread in a cheese-toaster; be careful that the cheese does not burn, and let it be equally melted. Spread over the top a little made mustard and a seasoning of pepper, and serve very hot, with very hot plates.
Page 68 - Green Peas, boiled 20 to 40 minutes. Shell Beans, boiled i hour. String Beans, boiled * i to 2 hours. Green Corn 25 minutes to i hour. Asparagus 15 to 30 minutes. Spinach i to 2 hours. Tomatoes, fresh i hour.
Page 69 - One cup of sugar and three of flour sifted together, one cup of milk and a piece of butter the size of an <;gg warmed together, three eggs well beaten, and one teaspoonful of mace.
Page 37 - ... the frying pan should be perfectly clean and smooth inside. If it is not, too much grease is required in cooking. Scrape it after each panful is cooked, and then only occasional greasing will be required, and this is best done with a clean rag containing butter. Drop thin batter in with a spoon, so that the cake will be very thin. Disturb it as little as possible, and when the cake is cooked firm on one side, turn it and cook on the other. Cornmeal Slapjacks. One quart of cold water is mixed...
Page 62 - ... pepper, and the squirrels, which must first be cut into joints and laid in cold salt and water to draw out the blood. Cover closely and stew two and a half hours very slowly, stirring frequently from the bottom. Then add the tomatoes and sugar, and stew an hour longer. Ten minutes before you take it from the fire add the butter, cut into bits the size of a walnut, rolled in flour. Give a final boil, taste to see that it is seasoned to your liking, and turn into a soup-tureen. It is eaten from...
Page 36 - Make a thick batter by mixing warm (not scalding) water or milk with one pint of corn meal, and mix in with this a small teaspoonful of salt and a tablespoonful of melted lard.
Page 52 - When cooked take out the vegetables, mash and return them to the soup, boil one minute, season lightly, and serve.

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