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This young adult comic book tells the harrowing, but ultimately uplifting story of Lily Renee, an Austrian girl who escaped the holocaust, only to find herself in danger of being placed in English interment camps for ‘enemy aliens’ during World War II. It does a great job of capturing the history of World War II and the German concentration camps while telling the very interesting life story of comic book artist Lily Renee.
Ms. Renee, a highly acclaimed comic book artist of the 1940's, seemed to drop off the map in 1949. Trina Robbins a San Francisco author who has written several biographies of cartoon creators, and who writes comic books herself recently located Lily and produced her exciting biography in the same comic medium where Renee found fame.
The story’s pacing keeps the reader moving from page to page. The author very skillfully manages to relate the atrocities of the holocaust at a young adult reading level. Overall, the book is very informative, and a fun read! There are several appendices at the end of the book that explain more details about the historical backdrop of Renee’s life.
My own interest in this book was kindled by the fact that Ms. Renee wrote and illustrated comics characters that appeared in the same magazine—Wings Comics—as the biography of a World War II fighter ace pilot that recently came to my attention. Trina Robbins’ treatment of Lily Renee’s bio, is every bit as entertaining as the slightly sensationalized biography I recently read in Wings Comics, and far more factually accurate. Readers interested in World War II history, the history of comic book art, and/or the history of women creators in the comics industry will find this book useful.

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