Stark's History and Guide to Barbados and the Caribee Islands: Containing a Description of Everything on Or about These Islands of which the Visitor Or Resident May Desire Information ... Fully Illustrated with Maps, Engravings and Photo-prints

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J. H. Stark, 1903 - Antilles, Lesser - 197 pages

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Page 100 - Buxton as the great champion of the cause in the House of Commons. Mr. Buxton brought forward a resolution in March, 1823, "declaring that slavery was repugnant to the principles of the British Constitution and of the Christian religion, and that it ought to be gradually abolished throughout the British
Page 59 - as though they did not belong to the human race. It was one unspeakable outrage, one unutterable ruin, without discrimination of age or sex; they who died not, under the lash, in a tropical sun, died in the darkness of the mine. From the coral islands, from the mangrove swamps, and the gloom of impenetrable forests,
Page 107 - but a young man amongst them straggling from the rest, was met by this Indian maid, who upon the first sight fell in love with him, and hid him close from her Countrymen, in a cave and there fed him, till
Page 104 - Upon the arrival of any ship that brings servants to the Island, the Planters go aboard ; and having bought such of them as they like, send them with a guide to his Plantation, and being come, commands them instantly to make their cabins, which
Page 188 - Was treated with a play ticket by Mr. Carter to see the Tragedy of George Barnwell acted : the character of Barnwell, and several others was said to be well perform'd, there was Musick a Dapted and regularly conducted.
Page 107 - the poor maid, that had ventured her life for his safety, and sold her for a slave, who was as free born as he. And so poor Yarico for her love, lost her liberty.
Page 50 - up, one of them was seen to drop while three went on ; a few hundred feet higher, a second dropped and afterwards a third ; one had almost reached the summit when he fell also. No account of what had befallen them ever reached their ship. They were supposed to have been bitten by the
Page 37 - of it, nor to picture the gallant lives that have been laid down under the walls of this crumbling castle. These cliffs had echoed the roar of Rodney's guns on the day which saved the British Empire, and the island on which we are gazing was England's Gettysburg.
Page 107 - the men we use for footmen and killing of fish, which they are good at ; with their own bows and arrows they will go out, and in a day's time kill as much fish as will serve a family of a dozen persons
Page 184 - twenty years of age, had been a licensed surveyor in Virginia for over three years, and, shortly before sailing, had been commissioned one of the Adjutants-General of Virginia with the rank of Major, and the pay of ^150 a year.

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