Complexity in Biological Information Processing

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John Wiley & Sons, Aug 30, 2001 - Medical - 250 pages
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Many human diseases arise from the malfunction of signalling components, in particular alterations of multiple components of an integrated signalling network. Experimental and computational tools to describe and quantify these changes are increasingly available, providing a wealth of data that can stimulate systematic analysis of the entire signalling network and enable prediction of disease states not easily recognizable from complex data sets.

This groundbreaking book explores the structural and temporal complexity in biological signalling exemplified in neuronal, immunological, humoral and genetic signal transduction networks. With discussions between experimentalists and theoretically oriented scientists, this book takes an interdisciplinary approach that may help switch the analysis of biological signalling from descriptive to predictive science and capture the behaviour of entire systems.

  • Explores the structural and temporal complexity in biological signalling.
  • Represents an unusual collocation of three different areas: immunology, cell signalling and neural networks.
  • Contains interdisciplinary discussions between experimentalists and theoretically oriented scientists, in particular those working on computer simulations.

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Terence Sejnowski Introduction
Matthias G von Herrath Design of immunebased interventions in autoimmunity
diffuse feedback via a diffuse
General discussion I
Thomas Gudermann Multiple pathways of ERK activation by G proteincoupled
Manuela Zaccolo Luisa Filippin Paulo Magalhăes
Klaus Prank Martin Kropp and Georg Brabant Humoral coding
connecting biochemistry
U Herzig C Cadenas F Sieckmann W Sierralta C Thaller A Visel
topdown bottomup
Simon B Laughlin Efficiency and complexity in neural coding
Ad Aertsen Markus Diesmann MarcOliver Gewaltig Sonja Grün
Rajesh P N Rao and Terrence J Sejnowski Predictive learning of temporal
Final discussion

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