America and Britain in Prophecy

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iUniverse, Jun 15, 2009 - Religion
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The most educated, prosperous, and influential civilizations have all come and gone. The pattern of history is that Rome, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Persia, and other powerful, developed empires, rose to dizzying heights before crumbling and final collapse.
Suppose you could know the conclusion of world events and the future courses of great nations in advance-including the United States and Britain? What if the future of great nations- indeed the greatest nations-could be known? In other words, imagine knowing how future events will affect you, and every human being, personally.
Worsening conditions, including terrorism, war, famine, disease, soaring food and energy costs, as well as economic upheaval and political division, have left people confused, uncertain of where to turn for answers. The governments and leaders of the West do not know how to solve mankind's problems or that "world-shattering" changes are just over the horizon.
Awe-inspiring prophecies recorded long ago have been fulfilled. Others are now coming to pass. God intended that these "great nations prophecies" be understood, or He would not have recorded them.
The ultimate future of the American and British peoples is astounding, with their greatest period of prosperity and peace yet ahead. But this time will "not" come as their leaders, planners, and thinkers might hope.

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