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Cancer. —Scirrhus or Otcult Cancer.—Ulcerated or Open Cancer.

—Cancer of the Eyes, Nose, Lips, Cheeks, Tongue, Stomach.—

Orifices,of the Stomach, Breasts, Womb.—Scrotum; Encysted

Tumors. '— Sarcomatous.— Steatoma. — Adipose. — Scirrhus.—

Medullary. —Melanotic.—Pancreatic.—Meliceris. —Mammary

or Mastoid.—Fungus Hsematodes, of the Eye.—Extremities.—

Exostosis of the Head, Legs, Arms.—Ranula; Hernia.—Enter-

ocele, Epiplocele, Eutero-Epiplocele. — Inguinal. — Scrotal.—


reducible.—Incarcerated.—Strangulated, 276


Epilepsy,—Caused by Injuries to the Head; from Plethora; Debil-

ity; Teething.—Crudities in the Stomach.—Verminous Irritation.

—Menstrual Irregularities.—Retention.—Suppression.—Final

Cessation; from Mental Emotions, Grief, Fear, Fright, Anger,

Joy; and from Sexual Indulgence. Apoplexy,—From Pletho-

ra; Debility; Suppressed Menstruation; Repelled Eruptions.

—Injuries. — Narcotic Poisons.—Noxious Vapours. — Mental

Emotions. Paralysis,—Palsy, Partialis, confined to a particu-

lar part; Hemiplegica, of one side longitudinally; Paraphleg-

ica, one half transversely. Chorea Sanctiviti,—St. Vitus'

Dance.—Syncope, Fainting; Vertigo, Giddiness; Tetanus,—

Opisthotonos, when the body is drawn backward; Emprostho-

tonos, forward; Pleurothotonos, to either side. — Trismus,

(Lock-jaw,) when confined to the Muscles of the Jaws. Cata-

lepsy,—From Retention of the Menses; Fright, Fear, Anger,

Disappointment, Repelled Eruptions, and Sexual Abuses.

—Hydrophobia,—Canine Madness, 299

Cataract.—C. Lenticular; C. Capsular.—Amaurosis, Complete, In-
complete.—Ectropium; Entropium. — Leucoma, Nebula.—Fis-

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Seminal Weakness.—Impotence.—Sexual Instinct .—Eruptions on the

Genitals.—Itching of the Genitals.—Warty Excrescences.—In-

flammation and Swelling.—Sweating.—Phimosis, Paraphimosis,

Priapisms. — Syphilis. — Lues Venera. — Gonorrhoea. — Bubo,

Node.—Dicers Primary; Ulcers Secondary.—Eruptions.—

Gleet. —Chancres. — Chordee. — Vegetations. — Induration and

Thicking Syphilid.—Diabetes—D. Mellitus; D. Iusipides.—

Dysuria.—Enuresis.—Gravel.—Urinary Calculi, properties of, 466


Diseases and Conditions Peculiar to Females.—Physical Structure.—
Menstruation.—Puberty.—Retention of the Menses.—Chlorosis.
Green Sickness.—Amenorrhoea.—Suppression of the Menses.
Menorrhagia,—An Immoderate Flow of the Menses; Dysmen-
orrhoca.—Painful or Difficult Menstruation; Irregular Men-
struation.— Cessation of the Menses. — Change of Life.—
Leucorrhoea.—Fluor Albus, Whites; Pregnancy, Duration

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