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Books by RFF have nearly always, in my experience, tried to go beyond stereotyped controversies, political polarization, and (less successfully) academic specialization and disciplinary preoccupations in their exploration of governmental operations. RFF wants to make a difference.
The most scholarly rightwing prober of environmentalist activism, Ron Paul, has listed RFF as part of the activist environmental organization cabal. I think that's inaccurate. Sure, it shares some ground with the environmental movement - as many reasonable people, myself included (I hope) do, but its thoughtful probing for more understanding and better methods has little to do with radical zeal of any stripe. RFF's cap and trade concept decades ago was one of the truly innovative tools for making otherwise crude and potentially damaging regulation more efficient and responsive to the complexities of the market.
OK, let me now admit, I haven't read the above book! I found it through searching for specific science policy problems and have now ordered a used copy through Amazon! (another brilliant and indispensable innovation that with one stroke increased the accessibility of insights from scholarly books tenfold or more).
The introduction says that the book was born out of the turbulent activities in Congress in the mid 1990s,when a legitimate movement seeking reform of government went off the rails and - for what appears I have read was short range partisan pique, Newt Gingrich terminated the Office of Technology Assessment, a valuable source of information and insight into governmental technology agencies and issues associated with technology.
The authors of chapters of the book are looking, in part, to see what can be done to replace OTA's critical services (why not simply restore it?) and otherwise to examine the flow of scientific information and advice to Congress. Readers: if you get this far and actually loan or buy the book - why not finish out my review with your assessment of how valuable the contents are?

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