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Well, I am the "neighbor's daughter" that you mention in "Blitzen, the Hero Hound Dog".
I realize that you must have received your information from the National Enquirer... But thought I should
let you know that this story is only half true.
1st- I was NINE, not eight. *not sure why that has always bothered me*
2nd - Heidi didn't know anything about this until she was called from work. I had another small dog that was barking non stop, so I went to see what he was barking at, I bent over and looked under the truck (which was in Heidi's yard) and saw the cougar. I jumped up and started running and my smaller dog, Bernard, ran behind me. Blitz stayed still.
3rd - I realize the story is less "sellable" when it is accurate, but just wanted to let you know :) Here is a more accurate version.

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