An Exposition of the Swedish movement-cure

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Fowler and Wells, 1860 - 408 pages
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Page 308 - to be considered in many diseases is to furnish a copious supply of oxygen to the blood which has been loaded with imperfectly decomposed substances, and to remove as speedily as possible the carbonic acid which has accumulated in it, these observations will have afforded us the true remedial agents which exceed almost any other in the
Page 308 - patient, suffering from congestion and hemorrhoidal tendencies, with aperient and saline mineral waters, we might " relieve him far more effectually by recommending him to practice artificial augmentation or expansion of the chest in respiration (filling the lungs several times in the course of an hour;, or to take exercise suited to produce
Page 50 - Anatomy, that sacred genesis, which shows us the masterpiece of the Creator, and which teaches us how little and how great man is, ought to form the constant study of the gymnast. But we ought not to consider the organs of the body as the lifeless forms of a mechanical mass, but as the living, active instruments of the soul.
Page 208 - as if to insure these healthful effects, nature has ordained that by respiration, as an efficient and constant means, these motions shall be secured to the alimentary canal. The abdominal contents may be considered as located between two great muscular organs, the diaphragm and the abdominal •walls. These muscles act
Page 408 - perpetuated, if not produced, by causes over which mere chemical influences can not be presumed to exercise any positive control. This fact may be, often is, tacitly acknowledged by the physician, but he declines to investigate its relations so as to be able to turn them to useful account. He is unwilling to acknowledge in practice, although he may admit confidentially,
Page 308 - disposed to attach at least as much importance to a rational dietetic as to a specifically therapeutic mode of treatment, the value of investigations on normal respiration, in reference to the science of medicine, can nev.-r be overrated
Page 208 - means that nature prescribes to secure healthful development and power in these most essential parts of the body. 2. And, as if to insure these healthful effects, nature has ordained that by respiration, as an efficient and constant means, these motions shall be secured to
Page 101 - gives a fine drawing of the human hand, in its minute anatomy, arguing therefrom that it is an instrument eminently adapted to perform the office, as a part of its physiological functions, of conveying something like vital electricity to another person; and that
Page 308 - While the advances of the science of medicine have taught us that of all the vast accumulation of remedies which in the course of time have been collected together, very f<;w are of any value at the bedside, and while the enlightened

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