Scottish Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 2

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Scottish Medical and Surgical Journal, 1898 - Medicine
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Page 450 - KINGS-EVIL-SWELLINGS, together with the Royal Gift of Healing, or Cure thereof by Contact or Imposition of Hands, performed for above 640 Years by our Kings of England, Continued with their Admirable Effects, and Miraculous Events ; and Concluded with many Wonderful Examples of Cures by their Sacred Touch...
Page 120 - Chiriqui, a town in the interior, about 60 or 70 miles to the northeast (and leeward) of St. Jago. The smallpox was raging with great violence in St. Jago, but there was no appearance of it in David. A few days after my arrival there, taking my customary morning's ride in the forest, which teems with animal life, I was struck by observing one or two sick and apparently dying monkeys on the ground under the trees. The next morning I was struck by the same singular appearance (for it is very unusual...
Page 87 - Second dose — 2,000 units, twelve to eighteen hours after the first dose if there is no improvement in symptoms.
Page 82 - Reference Book of Practical Therapeutics," by Frank P. Foster, MD, Editor of The New York Medical Journal, which has recently been issued by D.
Page 120 - ... instinctively hide themselves) and, by thinking that I perceived several on the trees moping and moving about in a sickly manner, I consequently dismounted and carefully examined two, which were on the ground — one dead and the other apparently dying ; and, after careful examination, no doubt remained in my mind that they were suffering and had died from smallpox. They presented every evidence of the disease, the pustules were perfectly formed, and in one instance (that of the dying one) the...
Page 157 - quadri-urates," sometimes called "hemi-urates," have the composition MH(C,H 2 O,N 4 )H,(C5H,O,N4). They are more soluble than the di-urates, and are specially the physiological combinations of uric acid. They exist normally in the urine, and probably also in the blood, and constitute the whole of the urinary excretion of birds and serpents. Roberts considers that all the morbid phenomena due to uric acid probably rise from secondary changes in the quadri-urates. Quadri-urates, MHUr,H 2 Ur, usually...
Page 462 - FRCP, Obstetrical Physician and Lecturer on Midwifery and Diseases of Women to St. George's Hospital ; Physician to the General Lying-in Hospital, etc. With 400 Illustrations, nearly all of which are original.
Page 215 - The essential lesion showed itself as an absence, arrest, or perversion of the normal process of endochondral ossification of the most definite and universal character in every element of the skeleton in which the process normally takes place during intrauterine life.
Page 159 - ... resemblance between the results observed in these experiments and the phenomena of the gouty paroxysm. In the gouty subject it is assumed that the blood becomes more and more impregnated with uric acid until, after a certain period of incubation has been accomplished, sudden precipitation of sodium bi-urate takes place in and about the joints, and the ' fit of the gout
Page 87 - ANTITOXIN should be given at the earliest possible moment in all cases of suspected diphtheria. QUALITY. Of the products on the market some have, by test, been found to contain one-half to one-third the antitoxin units stated on the label. Select the most concentrated strength of an absolutely reliable preparation. DOSAGE. All cases of laryngeal diphtheria, the patient being two years of age or over, should receive as follows: First dose...

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