Secrets Exposed Ii: The Clincher

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iUniverse, Dec 27, 2011 - Education
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The ultimate tell all-monster book II Since "Secrets Exposed" ran most of the crooks out of business that robbed us, like the slithering Racist snakes they are in NASCAR, now it is time to finish up the story about discrimination that still exist in NASCAR racing in 2011, and what happened to us. People were raving for more besides those who are racist in the sport. This book is for you!

You tried to swing the first book back on the author only real racist people do that because the truth has punched you in the eye, this book contains even more proof and the truth on why blacks are not driving in Sprint Cup racing and why blacks can't even create a product for the sport without 'good ole boys' robbing them. The book will also expose schemes tactics and scams that are to powerful for the human eye to keep African Americans out of your main racing series. African Americans have the same rights to turn left in Sprint Cup without 'good ole boys judging them by their skin color and not hiring them as drivers -----once again, NASCAR the truth shall set you free again ----sometimes when it rains it pours twice. In the words of DR. Martin Luther King "Freedom will ring" after this book.

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Haven't Racefans Noticed ,NASCAR hasn't said one word about this book because its -True!.... NASCAR is racist and full of racist Lying inbreed HILLBILLYS that can't stand any other ethnic group --but whites only ! It doesn"t take 50years to,produce Afro American black SprintCup Drivers -Remember they Robbed Wendell Scott of a trophy for 48years what makes you think ,they didn't- ROB- these people ?-after all none of them can be trusted in a room with there 1st Cousins -Remember you Can't teach an old dog new tricks when it comes down to racism. When in North Carolina its a law that you can marry your first cousin (YUK-Yuk)-especially when most of them --think that's its ok to Screw there 1st cousins or even marry them ,that's just how Brainwashed and Screwed up thinking these people are--When is it ok to fuck your own blood relative,--And that's disgusting---just like all the racist shit in this Book -an there calling Afro Americans Wild Animals---Whoops--watch what you say only wild animals fuck there --Mothers,Sisters,aunts,an 1st cousins,--Now who's the wild Animals--Racist Hillbilly trailer park Trash Rednecks are! Enough said!.. Ps-by an Angry former writer of the (NY Post) deal with it ! --There fucking Racist!..And If I could I'D give it six stars! ...The"Shameless,"Heartless "Thief" NASCAR still remains quiet ! 

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