The Phaedo of Plato

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Macmillan, 1894 - Immortality - 169 pages
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Page 70 - On head and tail as if to save their lives : Moves them the stick away they strive to clear. Even so, 'would have Him misconceive, suppose This Caliban strives hard and ails no less, And always, above all else, envies Him. Wherefore he mainly dances...
Page x - ... the soul. 3. The idea of Metempsychosis or Transmigration has been more widely held than any other view about the destiny of the soul, and has even in modern times been regarded as that most capable of philosophical defence. Thus Hume says, in the Essay I have already quoted : "The Metempsychosis is the only system of this kind that Philosophy can hearken to.
Page 70 - Arcades, invidia rumpantur ut ilia Codro ; Aut, si ultra placitum laudarit, bacchare frontem Cingite, ne vati noceat mala lingua futuro.
Page xi - ... theory perhaps never presented itself to his mind ; certainly, if it did, he dismissed it as unworthy to be seriously entertained : it is in fact repugnant to the first principles of his argument. On this view the soul of every being that is newly born into the world is a fresh creation out of nothing ; and as all souls previously created exist for ever, the aggregate number of souls is for ever multiplying ; that is to say, the quantity of spirit in the universe is continually and ceaselessly...
Page 157 - Phrynichus. — THE NEW PHRYNICHUS ; being a Revised Text of the ╔cloga of the Grammarian Phrynichus. With Introduction and Commentary by Rev.
Page 138 - Plato acknowledges that the morality of the multitude must be utilitarian, since none other is attainable save by the highly trained metaphysician. Therefore, however superior the morality of those who obey this code may be to that of the oligarchical man, it is sundered from that of the philosopher by a fathomless gulf — it is ┐veu фрочу<гешс.
Page 157 - THUCYDIDES.— BOOK IV. A Revision of the Text, Illustrating the Principal Causes of Corruption in the Manuscripts of this Author.
Page 158 - THE CITY-STATE OF THE GREEKS AND ROMANS: a Survey Introductory to the Study of Ancient History.
Page xviii - Phaedo was written, that every soul on its separation from the body will not be reabsorbed in the universal, but will survive as a conscious personality, even as it existed before its present incarnation.

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