Florence Arnott: Or, Is She Generous?

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D. Appleton, 1856 - Conduct of life - 136 pages

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Page 67 - your child is coming to, and you must not be so frightened, for I have seen many a child have fits, and be just as well as ever afterwards; but you must be very quiet, ma'am, for if he goes to sleep afterwards he ought not to .be woke; and, Miss Harriet, you cannot do
Page 28 - swung, and on a cool evening Mr. Arnott would sometimes take them out on the river in a pretty little sailing boat, or drive them two or three miles in a light, open carriage. When it rained, they overhauled Florence's toys, of which there were trunks full, or amused themselves with her books. They seemed
Page 106 - He is asleep still/' said Florence. " He told me last night to call him before breakfast, so I went to his room just now to do it ; but I knew he had been up a great deal with mamma last night, and he seemed to sleep so sweetly, that I just said,
Page 65 - was just the fever burning him up, but then I thought he was better, and I was so glad that I couldn't help singing though I did it softly for fear of waking him ; and little was the work I did, going back again and again to the bed to see my pretty baby
Page 81 - I've killed him," she repeated, with almost frantic vehemence; "the doctor says so; the doctor says if Harriet had rode he would have got well, and I would not let Harriet ride." I never felt my own helplessness, my own littleness, and God's supreme power, so much as at this moment. Here was the
Page 133 - about it. I thought when I had such a good chance, I ought to do something for nurse; so, when she was putting me to bed last night, I asked her what she wished for most in the world, and she said she was so well taken care of that she had not
Page 9 - Mr. Dickinson himself was to be acted. Those of you who have read Jessie Graham, may remember that I thought it probable my next story for you would be of these entertainments. Mr. Dickinson kept his promise. The play was written ; and a fortnight before Christmas, came William Temple, full of joyful expectation.
Page 55 - they were going, and felt there was really no danger in the way, I allowed them to go without me, sending with them, however, a servant whom I knew to be careful and discreet. Gay, laughing and chatting, they set out. The farthest house to which Mary intended extending her invitations was only
Page 116 - little needed me, for she could not have a more careful nurse, a more tender comforter, than she found in the young Florence. The last week in January brought letters from Mr. Arnott. He had just arrived in Montreal when he wrote. Of course he could say nothing of business, but he was safe and well,
Page 77 - Come, put on your bonnet, and do not let Mary's petulance prevent your doing right, and deprive me of my companion." As she had no objection to make, Florence put on her bonnet, took up the bundle, and followed me, though I could see it was with inward

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