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From an author of Anglo and Puerto Rican descent: a spare, poetic novel-in-stories of ordinary people in a Mexican village, focusing on elemental subjects of birth and death. Ben°tez tries to illuminate lives that tourists glimpse from the outside. Here's a fisherman who loses a wife and two children in a bus accident; he then fashions a roadside shrine—so familiar to travelers in Mexico—with ... Read full review

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i would NOT suggest this book to anyone unless they loved to read something that brought you to tears because of boredom. this book is the vain of my existence. its positively awful! in a few sentences i can tell you what this book entails. guy loses his job, they are poor, wife cant get pregnant so he takes some other woman's baby but then says never mind i don't want it my wife is pregnant, oh and talks about abortion. taada! that's the book. oh also if you don't know much Spanish good luck understanding any of it. even though the book is a mere 163 pages i was counting down till it was done. 

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