The Latin Poems Commonly Attribued to Walter Mapes, Volume 16

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Camden Society, 1841 - Verse satire, Latin - 371 pages
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Page 79 - Meum est propositum in taberna mori : vinum sit appositum morientis ori, ut dicant cum venerint angelorum chori, " Deus sit propitius buie potatori !" Poculis accenditur animi lucerna ; cor imbutum nectare volât ad superna
Page 80 - non est animus conscius peccati. Sum locutus contra me quicquid de me novi, et virus evomui quod tarn diu fovi ; vita vetus displicet, mores placent novi ; homo videt faciem, sed cor patet Jovi. Jam virtutes diligo, vitiis irascor ; renovatus animo, spiritu renascor
Page x - The goliardi, in the original sense of the word, appear to have been in the clerical order somewhat the same class as the jongleurs and minstrels among the laity, riotous and unthrifty scholars who attended on the tables of the richer ecclesiastics, and gained their living and clothing by practising the profession of buffoons and jesters. This
Page 44 - Solam avaritiam Roma novit parca, parcit danti muñera, parco non est parca ; nummus est prò numine, et prò Marco marca, et est minus Celebris ara quam sit arca. Cum ad papam veneris, habe pro constanti non est locus pauperi, soli favet danti ; vel si
Page 43 - a capite totum est inmundum ; transit enim vitium primum in secundum, et de fundo redolet quod est juxta fundum. Roma capit singulos et res singulorum ; Romanorum curia non est nisi forum : ibi sunt venalia jura senatorum, et solvit contraria copia nummorum.
Page 77 - stultus ego comparer fluvio labenti, sub eodem aere nunquam permanenti. Feror ego veluti sine nauta navis, ut per vias aeris vaga fertur avis; 10 non me tenent vincula, non me tenet clavis,
Page 371 - And to rise him ogayne. Men honors him with grete reverence, Makes ful mekell obedience Unto that litill swaine. In kinges court es it no bote, Ogaines Sir Peni for to mote, So mekill es he of myght ; He es so witty and so sträng, That be it never so mekill wrang, He will mak it right.
Page 280 - praie, And aftir it with speed dothe follow by and by, And so by theft and spoile he leades his life awaie. The Deane is he that bathe the face and shape of man, Withe fraude, deceipt, and guile fraught full as he may be, And yet dothe hide and cloke the same as he best can,
Page 280 - abrode, and lie about affaires, And they have eyes eche one, because that everye houre They looke about for gaine, and all that may be theires. * And everie one of them withe rollinge wheele dothe goe, For that their chaunginge mynde on tickell axeltree Is rold and tost about with
Page 311 - JE fui l'autr'ier à une feste, Au partir me dolut la teste, Pour ce que je bus vins divers ; En mon chief montèrent li vers Qui me firent ce dist dister, Que vous m'orrez ci recorder. Li diex d'amours sa feste fist, Mes noisse et contens la desfist. Des vins qui ce plet entamèrent Et puis ensemble se