The James Way: A Book Showing how to Build and Equip a Practical Up to Date Dairy Barn

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The Company, 1917 - Dairy barns - 334 pages
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Page 73 - X 2-1 in. Stronger currents through the ventilators will be secured by making one or more larger ones than where many small ones are provided, and it is usually best to have as few as possible, yet not leave the impure air in distant parts of the barn. For every outtake flue there should be a number of intake flues whose combined area exceeds that...
Page 69 - ... without mechanical forcing or the aid of heat other than that derived from the animals in the space to be ventilated. An outtake ventilating duct for 30 cows would require 30 X 3953 => 118,590 cu. ft. of air per hr. We will assume an air movement of 250 ft. per min., or 15,000 ft. per hr. To ascertain the cross section area of the...
Page 101 - As a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, so a water supply must be judged from those conditions that present its worst and most dangerous aspect.
Page 55 - ... the practical methods of securing ventilation are considered in connection with systems of indirect heating. The subject of ventilation often receives very little consideration in connection with the erection of apparatus for heating. 21. Composition and Pressure of the Atmosphere. — Atmospheric air is not a simple substance, but consists of a mechanical mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, together with more or less vapor of water, and almost always a little carbonic acid and a peculiarly active...
Page 71 - The nominal area of the register should be about 50 per cent greater than given by this computation ; the actual areas of commercial registers is given in table page 280.
Page 75 - A on the left with a length of 6 or 8 inch sewer tile with its top covered with a cap of coarse wire screen. Drain tile would not answer for the outside exposure at the surface of the ground as frost would cause It to crumble. Wood could be used and replaced after rotting has occurred.
Page 29 - Illustration 3) is erected at the end of the barn in the center, leaning at an angle of about 45 degrees toward the center of the...
Page 71 - A good ventilating flue should have all the characteristics of a good chimney. It should be constructed with air-tight walls, so that no air can enter except from the stable. It should rise above the highest portions of the roof, so as to get the full force of the wind.
Page 73 - Provision is further made for the air to enter the intake outside midway between floor and ceiling, so as to prevent the warm air being drawn out at these places by suction, or to pass out directly as it would if they opened directly through the walls.
Page 23 - ... should be done by machinery, where the works are of sufficient magnitude to allow of the cost of the plant, as there is more certainty that it is all evenly and thoroughly done than when mixed by hand. In this case the materials should first be thoroughly mixed " dry," after which the proper amount of water is added, and the mixing continued until the concrete is uniform. There are many machines made by different firms for this purpose, all of which will give satisfactory results. Where there...

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