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Katniss Everdeen is a survivor. She has to be; she's representing her District, number 12, in the 74th Hunger Games in the Capitol, the heart of Panem, a new land that rose from the ruins of a post-apocalyptic North America. To punish citizens for an early rebellion, the rulers require each district to provide one girl and one boy, 24 in all, to fight like gladiators in a futuristic arena. The ... Read full review

Review: The Hunger Games

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In my review of THE SILENCED by James DeVita, I noted that we have a love of dystopian novels. I think it's because we, as humans, like to be right. We like to be able to make correlations between the conditions we see in the world and possible scenarios about how those conditions could achieve Worse Case Scenario status. It's frightening, really, that we should want to be right ... Read full review

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this book contains strong emotions and it's own way of stealing the reader's heart (because that was what i experienced) and contains the pure essence of imaginations which make me feel a part of the book when i read it. i get shifted into that world of tragedy, adventure and bravery also filled with vengeance and blood thirsty capitol. the best part is that how katniss overcomes this disastrous sphere of her life with her counterpart peeta and that's the lesson we learn from the book. ' life may hold a lot of challenges that could break us into million peices, but happiness is what we choose and we are what we choose to be and every person should choose to face his/ her problems and try to live the life given by the almighty to the fullest by overcoming the problems and by smashing our problems with strong will and courage' and last but not the least ..... the book is AWESOME<3  

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the best book ever you need to read all of the books in one day

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its a great book. plus, i hear people saying that this book is great i read the reviews and they say its awesome,great, couldn't put it down, and additcting. i love the movie but some parts made me cry i love it.

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Excellent book! Recommend it to anyone! I read it within a week. The details are so vivid and amazing! Truly amazing!

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good book for a killing book

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A Riley good book

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that is good book to read that family the hungers games

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Very good book i couldn't stop reading once I started!

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