A Political and General History of the District of Tinnevelly, in the Presidency of Madras: From the Earliest Period to Its Cession to the English Government in A, Part 1801

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E. Keys, at the Government Press, 1881 - Tamil Nadu (India) - 300 pages

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Page 39 - ... should happen to die, the value of them should be paid from the royal treasury.
Page 40 - ... fathoms, and there they remain as long as they are able. And there they find the shells that contain the pearls [and these they put into a net bag tied round the waist, and mount up to the surface with them, and then dive anew.
Page 39 - Sind, laden on large ships (which they call junks), sailing like mountains with the wings of the winds on the surface of the water, are always arriving there. The wealth of the isles of the Persian Gulf in particular, and in part the beauty and adornment of other countries; from ' Irak and Khurasan as far as Rum and Europe, are derived from Ma'bar, which is so situated as to be the key of Hind.
Page 40 - ... fathoms. The pearl-fishers take their vessels, great and small, and proceed into this gulf where they stop from the beginning of April till the middle of May. They go first to a place called Bettelar, and (then) go 60 miles into the gulf.
Page 168 - Art. 8. In case the said Rajah shall at any time have occasion for any number of troops for the collection of his revenues, the support of his authority, or the good order and government of his country, the said Company agree to furnish a sufficient number of troops for that purpose, on public representation being made by the said I 24 ] Rajah to the President in *Council of Fort St. George, of the necessity for employing such troops, and of the objects to be obtained thereby.
Page 41 - And in these shells are found pearls, great and small, of every kind, sticking in the flesh of the shell-fish. In this manner pearls are fished in great quantities, for thence in fact come the pearls which are spread all over the world. And the King of that State hath a very great receipt and treasure from his dues upon those pearls.
Page 270 - Tho political and financial results of the rebellion appear in Aitchison's Treaties, Vol. V. The Raja was obliged to pay the expenses incurred by the British Government in this expedition, and a brigade was left at Quilon as a subsidiary force, agreeably to the treaty concluded in November 1795. The debts thus incurred were but tardily discharged, and the British Government were about to assume the internal administration of the country aa the only means of insuring their satisfactory settlement...
Page 47 - King in prison, it was their use every yeere once to shew him to the people, and they at their pleasures ruled as they listed. These brethren were three Captaines belonging to the father of the King they kept in prison, which when he died, left his sonne very young, and then they tooke the government to themselves.
Page 40 - When you leave the island of Seilan and sail westward about 60 miles, you come to the great province of Maabar which is styled India the Greater ; it is the best of all the Indies and is on the mainland. You must know that in this province there are five kings, who are own brothers. I will tell you about each in turn. The province is the finest and noblest in the world. At this end of the province reigns one of those five royal brothers, who is a crowned king, and his name is Sonder Bandi Davar.
Page 12 - Cheran and Choran went forth to seek their fortunes, and founded kingdoms of their own to the north and west. We have a similar representation, perhaps merely an echo of the Tamil tradition, in the Hari-vamsa and several Puranas (see Muir's " Sanskrit Texts,

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