The Bay of San Francisco: The Metropolis of the Pacific Coast and Its Suburban Cities : a History, Volume 1

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Lewis Publishing Company, 1892 - Alameda County (Calif.) - 680 pages
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Page 169 - The whole country, from San Francisco to Los Angeles and from the seashore to the base of the Sierra Nevada, resounds with the sordid cry of 'gold! GOLD!! GOLD!!!
Page 249 - SECTION 1. The judicial power of the State shall be vested in the Senate sitting as a Court of Impeachment, in a Supreme Court, Superior Courts, Justices of the Peace, and such inferior Courts as the Legislature may establish in any incorporated city, or town, or city and county.
Page 130 - People should desire to unite their destiny with ours, they would be received as brethren, whenever this can be done, without affording Mexico just cause of complaint. Their true policy, for the present, in regard to this question, is to let events take their course, unless an attempt should be made to transfer them, without their consent, either to Great Britain or France. This they ought to resist by all the means in their power as ruinous to their best interests and destructive of their freedom...
Page 455 - Caura, the pride of thy house is gone by, But its name cannot fade, and its fame cannot die, Though the Arigideen, with its silver waves, shine Around no green forests or castles of thine — Though the shrines that you founded no incense doth hallow, Nor hymns float in peace down the echoing Allo, One treasure thou keepest, one hope for the morrow — True hearts yet beat of the clan of Mac Caura ! THE WINDOW.
Page 183 - Fremont and his surveying party, but who, unless driven out, will, with the aid of the hostile Indians, keep this beautiful country in a constant state of revolution and blood, as well as against all others who may be found in arms, or aiding or abetting Gen.
Page 178 - If you ascertain with certainty that Mexico has declared war against the United States, you will at once possess yourself of the port of San Francisco, and blockade or occupy such other ports as your force may permit.
Page 131 - Lieutenant Archibald H. Gillespie of the Marine Corps will immediately proceed to Monterey and will probably reach you before this Despatch. He is a Gentleman in whom the President reposes entire confidence. He has seen these instructions and will cooperate as a confidential agent with you, in carrying them into execution.
Page 130 - The future destiny of that Country is a subject of anxious solicitude for the Government and people of the United States. The interests of our Commerce and our Whale fisheries on the Pacific Ocean, demand that you should exert the greatest vigilance in discovering and defeating any attempts which may be made by Foreign Governments to acquire a control over that Country.
Page 135 - ... and it was so made known expressly to guide your conduct. It was further made known to you, that the acquisition of California was become a chief object of the President. If you had letters to that effect from the Secretary of War, you had your warrant. If you were left without orders from the War Department, certainly you learned through the Secretary of the Navy that the President's plan of war included the taking possession of California.
Page 323 - Chagres; for three steamers to be employed in like manner from Panama to Oregon, so as to connect with the mail from Havana to Chagres across the Isthmus; and for five steamers to be employed in like manner from New York to Liverpool.

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