An elementary Latin grammar

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Page 73 - He might have been. We might have been. You might have been. They might have been.
Page 9 - ACCENT is the elevation of voice, with which one syllable of ; a word is pronounced, in comparison with the more subdued tone wuh which the other syllables are pronounced1.
Page 9 - ACCENT 9 consonant). In the latter case the syllable is said to be long by position.
Page 33 - Numerals, or adjectives of number, are of three kinds : — 1. Cardinals, answering the question, ' how many ? ' 2. Ordinals, „ „ „ ' which in order of number ?
Page 38 - Nom. qui quae quae Ace. quo-s qua-s quae Gen. quo-rum qua-rum quo-rum DA qui-bus or quis The plural is not found in its substantival use ; but see 98, 99.

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