St. Mary's county, Volume 5

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The Johns Hopkins press, 1907 - Geology - 209 pages
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Page 50 - SHATTUCK, GEORGE BURBANK. The Pleistocene Problem of the North Atlantic Coastal Plain. Johns Hopkins Univ. Circ., vol. xx, 1901, pp.
Page 129 - ... of the general character and position of the Leonardtown loam. As has been indicated in the comparison of this soil with the residual soils of limestone areas, the Leonardtown loam is a type best adapted to the production of grass and grain crops, and certain portions of the area found in St. Mary County are at present producing good hay and grain crops. The gradual introduction of live stock should largely increase the producing capacity of this soil, since the. crops best suited to the soil...
Page 44 - CONRAD, TA Fossils of the (Medial Tertiary or) Miocene Formation of the United States. No. 3. 1845. pp. 57-80. Plates xxx-xlv. (Repub.) by WH Dall, Washington, 1893.
Page 39 - WM. Observations on the Geology of the United States of America, with some remarks on the probable effect that may be produced by the decomposition of the different classes of Rocks on the nature and fertility of Soils. Two plates.
Page 39 - HH Geological Essays; or an Inquiry into some of the Geological Phenomena to be found in various parts of America and elsewhere.
Page 45 - HEILPRIN, ANGELO. On the Stratigraphical Evidence Afforded by the Tertiary Fossils of the Peninsula of Maryland.
Page 42 - WAGNER, WILLIAM. Description of five new Fossils, of the older Pliocene formation of Maryland and North America. (Read Jan. 1838.) Jour. Acad. Nat. Sci., Phila., vol. viii, 1838, pp.
Page 26 - Isles, and for most part without fresh water; we passed by the straites of Limbo for the Westerne shore : so broad is the bay here, we could scarce perceiue the great high clifts on the other side : by them we Anchored that night and called them Riccards Cliftes.
Page 39 - Observations on the Geology of the United States of America, with some remarks on the effect produced on the nature and fertility of soils by the decomposition of the different classes of rocks. With two plates. 12mo. Phila., 1817. 1818. MACLURE, WM. Observations on the Geology...
Page 45 - TYSON, PHILIP T. Second Report of Philip T. Tyson, State Agricultural Chemist, to the House of Delegates of Maryland, Jan. 1862. 8vo. 92 pp. Annapolis, 18G2.

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