Voyage to Buenos Ayres

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Page 8 - To obtain correct information on every subject in which the United States are interested; to inspire just sentiments in all persons in authority, on either side, of our friendly disposition so far as it may comport with an impartial neutrality, and to secure proper respect to our commerce in every port and from every flag...
Page 96 - There was a difference of opinion prevailing among them on the point of a confederated or a consolidated Government. If they should adopt the former, they will frame the constitution, in all probability, nearly after the model of that of the United States. Should they decide on the latter, it is highly probable they will incorporate the leading features of our system into their form of Government. They seem to concur in the proposition to have a Chief Magistrate elected for a term of years, and a...
Page 94 - There is also a certain mediocrity and equality of fortune prevailing among them, extremely favourable to a union of the popular sentiment, in support of the common weal. Many industrious mechanics and enterprising merchants are, however, increasing their estates, and adding to the stock of capital in the country. The people of the province of Buenos Ayres, residing out of the city, are, generally speaking, poor, and rather indolent, though a hardy race ; and when excited to action, they become zealous...
Page 94 - Nor is it deficient in military skill, particularly in carrying on a partisan warfare, for which its troops are admirably adapted. Their other good qualities have been, probably, somewhat impaired by the system pursued in that quarter, where they have been compelled to give up every thing like civil avocations, and to continue without any regular kind of government, under the absolute control of a chief, who, whatever may be his political principles, or professions, in practice concentrates all power,...
Page 97 - ... goods imported, or articles exported; the impost furnishes the principal part of the revenue. A copy of their tariff, as at first established, was some time since transmitted, I believe, to the department ef state ; in this, the duties were generally specific and high.
Page 96 - ... the several provinces ; cattle, horses, and mules, furnish a considerable source of barter; with the latter, Peru is usually supplied; the Paraguay tea is a great article of trade throughout the country; the brandy, wine, raisins, and figs of Mendoza and San Juan, are becoming important; the hides of oxen, the skins of the vaccina and granaco, with a number of fine furs, afford valuable articles of exchange.
Page 95 - But as a representative is allowed for every fifteen thousand citizens, it would be more numerous, if all the provinces had "sent delegates in that ratio of population. With some exceptions, and particularly of that palladium of our rights, which is unknown to the civil law, the trial by jury, the provisional constitution will be found, on an attentive perusal, to contain, a distinct recognition, of many of the vital principles of free government. A church establishment also, that of the catholic...
Page 94 - ... of living, they bid fair to become useful and industrious citizens. The inhabitants of Cordova are said to be more superstitious, and more industrious, but less patriotic. This is principally attributed to the loss of the trade with Peru, occasioned by the revolutionary war. Tucuman, I was informed, possessed an excellent population. The people of Mendoza, or Cuyo, are moral, industrious, and patriotic. They have sacrificed largely at the shrine of independence, supporting with zeal and confidence...
Page 97 - Brazils, they receive sugar, coffee, cotton, and rum. From the north of Europe they receive steel and iron, and from France a number of articles of its manufacture. Their foreign commerce is principally carried on by British capitalists, though there are some Americans, a few French, and other foreign merchants, also settled at Buenos Ayres; they are ' all placed, I believe, on the same footing of equality.
Page 62 - This is a kind of striped cotton or woollen rug, of the manufacture of the country, fine or coarse, according to the purse of the wearer, with nothing but a slit in the middle, through which the head is thrust; it hangs down perfectly loose, resembling somewhat a wagoner's frock.

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