Relativity for All

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Methuen & Company, 1922 - Relativity (Physics) - 72 pages
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Page 1 - Space is thought's, and the wonders thereof, and the secret of space; Is thought not more than the thunders and lightnings ? shall thought give place ? Time, father of life, and more great than the life it begat and began, Earth's keeper and heaven's and their fate, lives, thinks and hath substance in man.
Page 68 - ... mathematical analysis, he found by a kind of intuition, with the security of instinct, without the help of a single mathematical formula. I have no intention of blaming his contemporaries, for I confess that many times I have myself sat hopelessly looking upon some paragraph of Faraday's description of lines of Force, or of the galvanic current being an axis of power, etc.
Page 54 - ... bodies is proportional to the product of their masses divided by the square of the distance between them.
Page 40 - It is often said that the work of the diplomat has lost most of its importance in modern times, as he is able to receive his instructions from home by telegraph and merely has to repeat what he is told; that he has become a mere glorified messenger boy.
Page 48 - After considering the problem from various viewpoints he finally defined the quantity of motion of a body as the product of its mass and its velocity.
Page 56 - Moon as being that in which it can cover the greatest spatial distance in the shortest time.
Page 12 - It deserves particular emphasis, for, if it is at once grasped, the greater part of the difficulty of the subject disappears. It is the event that is the immediate entity of perception; nature is the sum total of events, and every instrument of thought that our minds employ can be traced back to its ultimate origin in events. Two observers of nature see, not necessarily the same matter, but the same events, because events finally constitute the external physical world.
Page 2 - Let us think for a moment of the way in which we are living our lives in our period of history.
Page 12 - All things flow," is now revealed as the moulder, the transformer, and in a sense the creator, of the things. "This idea of the derivative character of matter, space, and time lies at the heart of the modern principle of relativity...
Page 3 - things " — matter, space, and time — are the three independent, immovable founda- „. tion-stones of the World, as we are accustomed to regard it, and Science has hitherto adopted them as the only possible data in terms of which to express its discoveries. For instance, the law of gravitation expresses the way in which matter will move near other matter, ie it describes how the position of matter in space changes as time advances.

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