The Ontario Law Reports: Cases Determined in the Court of Appeal and in the High Court of Justice for Ontario

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Canada Law Book Company, 1902 - Law reports, digests, etc
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Page 412 - ... sufficient that it be certified or purport to be certified under the hand of the clerk of the court or other officer having the custody of the records of the court where such conviction or acquittal took place. or by the deputy of such clerk or other officer, that the paper produced is a copy of the record of the indictment, trial, conviction, and judgment or acquittal, as the case may be, omitting the formal parts thereof.
Page 388 - Every person who enters into a learned profession undertakes to bring to the exercise of it a reasonable degree of care and skill.
Page 219 - The rule of law is laid down with perfect correctness in the case of Butterfield v. Forrester, 11 East, 60; and that rule is, that, although there may have been, negligence on the part of the plaintiff, yet, unless he might, by the exercise of ordinary care, have avoided the consequences of the defendant's negligence, he is entitled to recover : if by ordinary care he might have avoided them, he is the author of his own wrong.
Page 47 - I am, therefore, of opinion that the appeal should be allowed with costs, and...
Page 269 - To constitute the coercion or duress which will be regarded as sufficient to make the payment involuntary, * * * there must be some actual or threatened exercise of power possessed, or believed to be possessed, by the party exacting or receiving the payment over the person or property of another, from which the latter has no other means of immediate relief than by making the payment.
Page 180 - And, with respect to such a visitor at least, we consider it settled law that he, using reasonable care on his part for his own safety, is entitled to expect that the occupier shall on his part use reasonable care to prevent damage from unusual danger which he knows or ought to know...
Page 276 - I pretend, after the best consideration I have been able to give to the subject, to hold an opinion far from doubt.
Page 77 - ... and who may offer goods or merchandise of any description for sale by auction or in any other manner conducted by himself or by a licensed auctioneer or otherwise...
Page 388 - The physician is bound to bestow such reasonable ordinary care, skill, and diligence as physicians in the same neighborhood, in the same general line of practice, ordinarily have and exercise in like cases. Time and locality...
Page 22 - But there is this clear gloss to be made upon that doctrine, that as notification of acceptance is required for the benefit of the person who makes the offer, the person who makes the offer may dispense with notice to himself if he thinks it desirable to do so, and I suppose there can be no doubt that where a person in an offer made by him to another person, expressly or impliedly intimates a particular mode of acceptance as sufficient to make the bargain binding, it is only necessary for the other...

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