Mirror for magistrates: in five parts, Volume 3

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Lackington, Allen, and Company, 1815 - Great Britain
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Page 320 - By him lay heavy Sleep, the cousin of Death, Flat on the ground and still as any stone, A very corpse, save yielding forth a breath; Small keep took he whom fortune frowned on Or whom she lifted up into the throne Of high renown; but as a living death, So, dead alive, of life he drew the breath.
Page 321 - And next in order sad, Old Age we found: His beard all hoar, his eyes hollow and blind ; With drooping cheer still poring on the ground, As on the place where nature him...
Page 315 - O Sorrow, alas, sith Sorrow is thy name, And that to thee this drear doth well pertain, In vain it were to seek to cease the same; But as a man himself with sorrow slain, So I, alas, do comfort thee in pain, That here in sorrow art forsunk so deep That at thy sight I can but sigh and weep.
Page 311 - Cynthia, with her borrowed light, Beginning to supply her brother's place, Was past the noonstead six degrees in sight, When sparkling stars amid the...
Page 312 - Her colour pale, and, as it seemed her best, In woe and plaint reposed was her rest; And as the stone that drops of water wears, So dented were her cheeks with fall of tears...
Page 315 - ... till at the last Well eased they the dolour of her minde, As rage of rayne doth swage the stormy wynde. For furth she paced in her fearfull tale : Cum, cum, (quod she) and see what I shall shewe, Cum heare the playning, and the bytter bale 150 Of worthy men, by Fortune overthrowe.
Page 202 - But seing causes are the chiefest thinges That should be noted of the story wryters, That men may learne what endes al causes bringes They be vnwurthy the name of Chroniclers, That leave them cleane out of their registers.
Page 246 - Where be my coursers and my horses hye ? Where is my myrth, my solas, and my play ? As vanyte, to nought al is wandred away.
Page 145 - The duke the night after his emprisonement, was found dedde in his bed, and his body shewed to the lordes and commons...
Page 321 - Rewe with him selfe his end approching fast, And all for nought his wretched mind torment, With sweete remembraunce of his pleasures past, And fresh...

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