Sons of the Morning

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Putnam, 1900 - English fiction - 492 pages

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Page 409 - Art thou bound to a wife ? Seek not to be loosed. Art thou loosed from a wife ? Seek not a wife.
Page 501 - A Venetian June bespeaks its material by its title and very full the little story is of the picturesqueness, the novelty, the beauty of life in the city of gondolas and gondoliers — a strong and able work showing seriousness of motive and strength of touch.
Page 501 - edition. With 13 full-page illustrations by George Sloane. 8, gilt top .......... $1.50 " The lines the author cuts in her vignette are sharp and clear, but she has, too, not alone the knack of color, but what is rarer, the gift of humor." — New York Times. PEAK AND PRAIRIE
Page 498 - that unity of impression which is one of the highest attributes of a work of art."—London Daily News. Miss Cayley's Adventures. By GRANT ALLEN, author of " Flowers and Their Pedigrees," etc. With 80 illustrations. 3d edition. 12, $1.50. "One of the most delightfully lolly, entertaining, and fascinating works that has ever come from Grant Allen's pen."—New York World.
Page 501 - With 16 full-page illustrations. 16, gilt top ...... $1.25 " We may say that the jaded reader fagged with the strenuous art of the passing hour, who chances to select this volume to cheer the hours, will throw up his hat for sheer joy at having hit upon a book in which morbidness and self-consciousness are conspicuous by their absence.
Page 498 - can be given it."—Omaha World-Herald, " This is a cleverly concocted detective story, and sustains the wellearned reputation of the writer. . . . The curiosity of the reader is excited and sustained to the close.''—Brooklyn Citizen. Children of the Mist. By EDEN PHILLPOTTS.
Page 500 - in Crime. i6mo, $1.00; paper 50 cts. " One may safely say that it ranks with the best detective novels yet published in this country."—Boston Times. '"An Artist in Crime' is the best detective story which has been published in several years."—New Haven Palladium. a Conflict Of
Page 497 - The same strength of imagination, couched in the same vivid English, is characteristic of this new story, which has, perhaps, more of maturity about it. Mr. Phillpotts has again chosen Dartmoor, that corner of England which he knows and loves so well, for the scene of his novel.
Page 502 - BY LOUIS TRACY. THE FINAL WAR. An Historical Romance of the Near Future. With 16 full-page Illustrations. Large 12 $1.50 Paper, 16 75 The clever historian of "The Final War" has described with historic fidelity and with no little dramatic force certain very
Page 500 - stories of its kind we have read, and the reader will not be able to guess its ending easily. It is ingeniously worked out without giving away the true solution, and those who enjoy a well-written detective story should not fail to read it."— Boston Times.

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