Report of the Commission on Additional Water Supply for the City of New York: Made to Robert Grier Monroe, Commissioner of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity ... November 30, 1903

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M. B. Brown Company, printers, 1904 - New York (N.Y.) - 980 pages
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Page 687 - ... to a sufficient depth, with a considerable slope. It should be placed where nothing can obstruct the descending snow from entering it, and where no drift snow may be blown into it. During a continued snow storm the snow may be occasionally pressed down into it.
Page 481 - Observations on the flow of rivers in the vicinity of New York City, by HA Pressey.
Page 284 - Contractor will be subject to inspection and rigorous tests; and if found of improper quality will be branded, and must be immediately removed from the work; the character of the tests to be determined by the Engineer. The Contractor shall, at all times, keep in store at some convenient point in the vicinity of the work, a...
Page 323 - An odor of such intensity that the water would be absolutely unfit to drink. (A term to be used only in extreme cases.) reagent.
Page 3 - ... such quality, the pressures in the distribution of the present supplies of water, and of any future supplies, and the methods generally for such distribution for the purpose of attaining the highest practicable degree of fire protection. (B) The probable future consumption in each of the Boroughs of Greater New York up to such time as shall seem best to the Commission, giving due consideration to the probable increase of population, and its consumption per capita and of the reduction of waste...
Page 284 - Contractor shall, at all times, keep in store at some convenient point in the vicinity of the work, a sufficient quantity of cement to allow ample time for the tests to be made without delay to the work of construction. The Engineer shall be notified at once of each delivery of cement. It shall be stored in a tight building, and each cask must be raised several inches above the ground, by blocking or otherwise.
Page 285 - All exposed surfaces of finished or unfinished work shall be kept constantly moist by sprinkling with clean water at short intervals, unless otherwise directed during cold weather, or by covering with moistened burlap, or by such other means as shall be approved, and this moistening shall be continued until the permanent covering is in place or until, in the opinion of the engineer, the concrete has sufficiently hardened. The contractor shall not permit walking upon the concrete until it has set...
Page 323 - Very faint An odor that would not be ordinarily detected by the average consumer, but that could be detected in the laboratory by an experienced observer.
Page 694 - ... This cone, or funnel, terminates in a tube which carries the water into a receiving vessel. The water which has fallen is measured by pouring it from the gauge into a cylinder, so graduated as to indicate hundredths of inches. A smaller cylinder is also provided, which gives thousandths of inches, and may serve, in case of accident, as a substitute for the larger cylinder. The rain gauge is placed in a cask sunk in the earth, with its mouth near the level of the ground.
Page 278 - The blocks shall be bedded level across the bottom of the trench, and, when any block has been sunk too deep, additional blocking shall be placed to bring the pipe to the required grade.

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