A Commentary with Introduction and Appendix on the Hellenica of Xenophon

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Clarendon Press, 1900 - 378 pages
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Page 382 - HORACE and the ELEGIAC POETS. With a Memoir of the Author by Andrew Lang, MA, and a Portrait.
Page 385 - s. 6d. Republic. The Greek Text. Edited, with Notes and Essays, by B. Jowett, MA and Lewis Campbell, MA In three vols. Medium 8vo.
Page 330 - Curtius says, that if any one was to blame for the death of the wrecked, Theramenes was the guilty man ; yet he took advantage of the opportunity for his party purposes, to requite the kindness shown him by the generals, in abstaining from blaming him in their despatches, by coming forward as their accuser. Hist., III. p. 539. It was a difficult and delicate task...
Page 388 - A Critical Dissertation on the Athanasian Creed. Its Original Language, Date, Authorship, Titles, Text, Reception. and Use.
Page xi - ... on the smallest doings of his Spartan hero, and deliberately leave out all mention of the deliverance of Messenia and the foundation of Megalopolis. Thucydides himself was not absolutely perfect ; but perhaps no other actor in important events ever told them with so great an amount of impartiality. In Xenophon we have to brand, not merely an unpardonable degree of weakness and passion, but sheer want of common honesty, a deliberate breach of the first moral laws of the historian's calling.
Page 352 - ... got to do with independent action? Again, you pick quarrels without consulting your allies, and lead them against those whom you account enemies; so that in many cases, with all their vaunted independence, they are forced to march against their greatest friends; and, what is still more opposed to independence than all else, you are for ever setting up here your decarchies and there your thirty commissioners, and your chief aim in appointing these officers and governors seems to be, not that they...
Page 384 - Crown 8vo, stiff covers. 3S. 6d. De Arte Poetica Liber. Recognovit Brevique Adnotatione Critica Instruxit I. Bywater, Litterarum Graecarum Professor Regius. Post 8vo, stiff covers, is. 6d.
Page 64 - He was conveyed to prison, where the usual draught of hemlock was speedily administered. After he had swallowed it, there remained a drop at the bottom of the cup, which he jerked out on the floor (according to the playful convivial practice called the Kottabus, which was supposed to furnish an omen by its sound in falling, and after which the person who had just drank handed the goblet to the guest whose turn came next) : "Let this (said he) be for the gentle Kritias.

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