The Boy Travellers in the Far East: Adventures of two youths in a journey to Siam and Java, with descriptions of Cochin-China, Cambodia, Sumatra, and the Malay Archipelago

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Harper, 1881 - East Asia
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Page 100 - But there is a marvellous thing related of this desert, which is that when travellers are on the move by night, and one of them chances to lag behind or to fall asleep or the like, when he tries to gain his company again he will hear spirits talking, and will suppose them to be his comrades. Sometimes the spirits will call him by name ; and thus shall a traveller ofttimes be led astray so that he never finds his party. And in this way many have perished.
Page 92 - ... and people of all degrees who desire to get knowledge of the various races of mankind and of the diversities of the sundry regions of the world, take this book and cause it to be read to you.
Page 95 - Georgiania there is a fountain from which oil springs in great abundance, insomuch that a hundred shiploads might be taken from it at one time. This oil is not good to use with food, but 'tis good to burn, and is also used to anoint camels that have the mange.
Page 445 - Illustrated. 8vo, Cloth, $3 00. THE BOYS OF '76. A History of the Battles of the Revolution.
Page 162 - ... she moved slowly along with a sly composure and an assumed air of easy indifference ; sauntering leisurely in the direction of the captives, and halting now and then to pluck a bunch of grass or a few leaves as she passed. As she approached the herd, they put themselves in motion to meet her, and the leader, having advanced in front and passed his trunk gently over her head, turned and paced slowly back to his dejected companions. Siribeddi followed with the same listless step...
Page 445 - ... Stellar Worlds. A Popular Exposition of the great Discoveries and Theories of Modern Astronomy. By OM MITCHELL. With Numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Page 445 - ROUND THE WORLD. Including a Residence in Victoria, and a Journey by Rail Across North America. By a Boy. Edited by SAMUEL SMILES.
Page 125 - Central Asia, Siberia, and even Swedish Lapland. India itself might fairly be included in this magnificent empire of belief, for though the profession of Buddhism has for the most part passed away from the land of its birth, the mark of Gautama's sublime teaching is stamped ineffaceably upon modern Brahmanism, and the most characteristic habits and convictions of the Hindus are clearly due to the benign influence of Buddha's precepts.
Page 165 - ... some twenty or thirty yards, making furious resistance, bellowing in terror, plunging on all sides, and crushing the smaller timber, which bent like reeds beneath his clumsy struggles. Siribeddi drew him steadily after her, and wound the rope round the proper tree, holding it all the time at its full tension, and stepping cautiously across it when, in order to give it a second turn, it was necessary to pass between the tree and the elephant.

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